My WonderCon 2022 Panels

After 3 long years, WonderCon is finally back! One of the biggest things I missed was hosting panels and interacting with fans. Check out the description below and hope to see you in Anaheim!

Pop Culture vs The World
When we were kids, our geeky interests seemed limited to a small circle of friends and our imagination. Today, pop culture is touching and influencing every corner of the world. Join a panel of industry specialists as they debate fun fictional topics as well as their IRL equivalent. Topics to include; racisms, gender equality, cancel culture, economic disparity, social justice and more. Moderated by Tony B Kim (Hero Within) and panelists Dr. Drea Letamendi (clinical psychologist), Chris Sully (Twitch influencer), and Laura Sirkul (writer). Friday 3:30p Room 213AB

Survivor’s Guide To Building A Brand
We’ve made it through the worst part of the pandemic—now what? In today’s reality, not only has content changed but consumers and creators have changed as well. Join the original Build A Brand panelists from 2019’s WonderCon as they discuss how their brand survived over the past three years and the bold moves that prepared them for the future. Their purpose is to inspire you to take the next big step in your artistic career. Moderated by Tony B Kim (Hero Within), with Rachel Litfin (author), Ivy Doomkitty (cosplayer), Elvin Zuleta (media manager), and David Baron (comic book artist). Saturday 10a in room 300B.

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