10 Year Anniversary Comic-Con Podcast

Like the rest of you all, we were hoping to post our traditional San Diego Comic-Con Prep podcast. Unfortunately, we have to wait another year since SDCC was cancelled again. Back in 2009, our team posted our very first Comic-Con podcast- time flies while you’re having fun! However, while there have been many amazing shows since then, 2010 was a very special year for Comic-Con. Not only was it the first reveal of the MCU Avengers, it was the year that Comic-Con turned into the modern day pop culture phenom that we know and love. Because 2010 was so special, we wanted to commemorate the show last year for it’s 10th anniversary but postponed it because of Covid. Even though there is no physical show this week, we didn’t want to wait another year to release this podcast. So the gang got together and we reflected on the impact of that show on the next decade of Comic-Con. We also share our ‘first, best and weird’ memories from cons over the years. Plus, we got input from Twitter and share your thoughts too. Thank you for listening and comment with your favorite memories. Have a great Comic-Con @Home. Guests include: @Crazy4ComicCon, @TrevKai, @JohnnyEeeatsWorld, @NerdsInRecovery & Rhino.

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