Coffee Meets Confidence – Womxn’s Art Market – Interview

About a month ago, we spoke with Joanna Metoki of Tasty Design Studio about the upcoming event Coffee Meets Confidence Womxn’s Art Market. We caught up with Joanna to see how the event went and asked what’s next.
Also, below you can see our interviews with a few of the artists at the event.
How did the event go?
I believe the event was a great success because it was able to accomplish so much of our goals. “Coffee Meets Confidence Art Market” was a way for us to present the “GLOW UPS ONLY” initiative to our community. Our main goal was to encourage economic empowerment to local womxn artists. We took a two-pronged approach which involved: 1) Offering the artists an affordable option to showcase and sell their work, 2) Facilitating the artists to foster meaningful connections both professionally and personally. All of our participating artists were satisfied with our event’s price structure and were expressed their excitement regarding being able to connect with other womxn artists in the community. I was especially touched to see the artists doing an “art trade” with one another at the end of the day.

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How was the turn out for the event and the seminar?
We weren’t taking specific numbers of attendees during the event, but I would say that we had around 40-45 visitors throughout the art market. We had around 15 attendees during the panel. I think these are excellent numbers for a first time event!
What did the artists think of the event?
Most of the artists found the event to be meaningful and said that they would definitely encourage others in their community to attend next time. They were extremely grateful for being offered the opportunity to connect with not only other talented creatives but also to interact with customers face to face.
What did the guests think? Any particularly interesting feedback?
We had a lot of walk ups on the day of the event. When I offered them information about our market, many of them were excited to hear that we were celebrating International Women’s Day by featuring the local artists. Some of the attendees were big fans of some of the artists that were participating and were just excited to be able to meet them. I even had an aspiring artist just learn about the event from seeing a postcard that we had in one of the stores down the street. She was really glad that she stopped by and was able to ask our artists questions during the panel.

When is the next event?
We are actually hosting our very first virtual event this coming Thursday evening April 16. We’re calling it “Bring Your Own Glow–The GLOW UPS ONLY Happiness Hour.” It’s our own take on a virtual happy hour. Through this virtual event, we hope to create an open, honest, and safe space to share how everybody is navigating through these unprecedented times due to issues surrounding COVID-19. We are welcoming Sami Toussi of Sami Toussi International, who is actually a Tony Robbins business strategist to lead our discussions. Sami will be guiding us through a holistic perspective of how to stay connected to ourselves and our community amidst times of social distance.
Anything else you would like to add?
We actually just celebrated our 100th members on our GLOW UPS ONLY Facebook group! It may not sound like a big number but I’m just so excited to know that I have that many people who believe in what we are trying to achieve through the GLOW UPS ONLY initiative.
Tasty Design Studio : /@thetastydesignstudio
Capsule Corner: /@capsule_corner
Venue: Bicycle Coffee LA

Learn more about GLOW UPS ONLY on their official Facebook Page:

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