DragonCon 2019: The Fun, Connections, and Wonders

DragonCon each year is something unique and special. While there are some events which are yearly like the Bunny Hutch each experience each year becomes something different.

A good amount of this is based on the paths you’ll take who you’ll encounter, events of interest, events you’ll become a part of, and sometimes things you can only list as other.

There are mix of the official events, the scheduled ones, and one organized by other fans and attendees, some planned in advance, some planned at show.
Photos by the stairs one of the favorite locations for cosplayers and photographers is busy all throughout the days, and there are times when special guests come and some being recognized by the properties themselves.

A wonderful way that many people start DragonCon is the blood drive, which something I do every year as well usually before I pick up my badge. There are so many who donate that the lines for this and the wait to donate is usually longer than the lines for most events. This is one of the great ways you see the very charitable nature of fandom, which is part of the great ways that fans help fans.

A theme that you’ll find at many conventions and is especially true at DragonCon. You’ll see various people helping others with costumes, as well as the various cosplay repairers that roam about to assist, which even though DragonCon officially takes place over five hotels you see all through the PeachTree Mall/downtown Atlanta.

Each day and night is full of wonderful things to see and discover and that’s just in the costumes. The programming has many sights to see as well, with all sorts of insights, enjoyment, and surprises. As I normally do and am requested/expected to do quite a good amount of video for panels at most cons, I do not do attend as much programming as I do with other cons and work to see the various sights and amazing costumes. However I do try to stop by a few panels and official events, including the always fun DragonCon parade.

I like many others also try to attend the Bunny Hutch the sort of launch party for DragonCon at DragonCon. This party is always one of the fun start events, and I have actually made multiple friends from it. The mix of designs and styles celebrating iconic Playboy and Hef style with wonderful fandom mashups and variants created specifically for this event, and there is a facebook group where people help and share in the excitement buildup and execution of their cosplay for the Bunny Huch, and seeing some of these in person is truly a sight to see. The Bunny Hutch had some changes in its line organization this year which made going a little convulted but when you get to the Hutch it’s quite fun. The Bunny Hutch originally started a fan run event and has become part of the tapestry of DragonCon, with art awards, community and more.

This leads me into another run fan even that is gaining popularity, the My Hero Academia Extra Credit Photoshoot organized by Beccadex cosplay. This shoot which consists of a lot lingerie versions of favorite My Hero Academia characters. Beccadex who is a major fan of the series created and organized this and even though it’s only two DragonCons old it is growing in popularity as the series does. Perhaps it will become something long running as fans of the series grow, are inspired by it and keep enjoying it. It is events like these organized by fans is why we have many cons in the first place, people wanting to come together and have fun. As well as the classic “we went to anime cons to watch anime.”

In this line it is when the pros and the relatives of who created our favorite characters participate with the fans are some of the most fun times and touching that people have. This year Athena Finger the granddaughter of Bill Finger the creator of Batman and most of its universe joined the Batman photoshoot. Many people know the name of their favorite characters, and more now know the names and faces of the creators. But when they have passed this becomes harder to meet those with the living legacy, and Athena Finger is one of those people, an artist in her own right, many people at DragonCon had no idea she was attending. I helped her find something special, the Batman photoshoot. When the cosplayers learned who was joining them the granddaughter of the creator, they were overjoyed and what followed were many photos and for some the memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

This is something that pop culture fandom that many things do not the chance to interact the creators and in this case the family of the creators who are the connection to the living legacy of the characters they have loved for years or just discovering as newer fans, from each piece of new media released.

Then of course the biggest celebration of this is the DragonCon Parade. This annual parade bring people from all over to see it in person. Here are some of the wonders, the groups organized, the floats, and the joy they bring. From the youngest of us seeing their favorite here in person to fans seeing something new and amazing every year. This year the parade staff brought those of us in press all along the parade so we could see it happen.

DragonCon is also special because even on the last day, toward the very end of the con because the cast of Farscape was there. They spoke of their favorite parts of the series ad how the series had a lot of heart, answering fan favorite questions. As it has been streaming on Amazon Prime this is hope for a new series.

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