Our Stan Lee Memories

The passing of Stan Lee has hit all of us in fandom very hard. To honor him, our Crazy 4 Comic Con team wanted to share our cherished memories of the legendary Marvel creator.

“Wow, Stan Lee, what words would be enough to describe your profound influence on my life? Few people inspired me the way you did. I fondly remember those late nights as a kid  laying in bed. reading my Marvel comics, my imagination soaring to places unknown, and I still love reading them. I am glad you got to see your legacy play out the way it has as I think about the untold thousands (or more) who you have influenced. Rest in peace my Generalissimo, you will be missed but your influence on my life, childhood, and imagination will never forgotten, and for that I am truly grateful. Excelsior.”

“Stan Lee literally changed my life. It was my love for his characters that finally pushed me to attend my first convention and begin to cosplay. That decision lead to my sister and I blogging on all things nerdy, and then working my first convention where I met Tony. That convention has turned into many more, including SDCC, and writing for this site. While I have been privileged enough to meet Stan, it was before my life changed because of him, and I didn’t have the chance to say thank you. Thank you, Generalissimo. Thank you for encouraging us to chase dreams. Thank you for creating characters we want to emulate. Thank you for reminding us that we are only as old as we feel. We are eternally in your debt. Excelsior!”

“Stan “The Man” Lee was someone who was there from the beginning of the comics we know and love through being a part of its explosion into the main parts of culture and entertainment, seeing and being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and convention boom.  Ever the person of enthusiasm and excitement, Stan could energize a room with his own presence speaking then speaking and inspiring with his favorite, and some might say catchphrases of “Excelsior, ‘Nuff Said, and Face front, true believer!” These were often is “Stan Lee’s Soapbox” in the editorial pages of the comics which had even more energy when he said them in person in his many convention appearances over the years.”

“My first year attending SDCC was as a volunteer with the talent department and we were able to pick who we wanted to work with. As fate/luck would have it, I chose Stan Lee as my first choice and got it! Our job was to make sure the talent was able to get to where they needed to be efficiently and safely, and take care of them. It sounds cliche but this really was a dream come true for me. It was even more special because Stan Lee was the kindest and most genuinely enthusiastic person you could meet. He was 83 at that time and was one of the speediest walkers ever! He was so happy to be amongst the crowds at cons and would wave and say “hi” to people. He was so full of joy and it was contagious. He truly listened to you and made you feel special. Even if you never met him you could tell how amazing he was. It is wonderful how much he affected people’s lives. He was like a grandpa to us all. We knew his health was not doing well and he was 95, but that does not make this hurt any less. Let’s be honest, we thought he would live forever. He was a legend in life and his legacy will live on. Excelsior!”

“Ive had the honor of seeing Mr. Lee a few times and getting to meet him and get his autograph when I was at San Diego Comic-con. But I’d have to say one of the best memories was at Emerald City Comic-con in Seattle. He had me and the rest of the crowd in stiches with the stories he told for the complete panel. I will truly miss seeing him and hearing the stories he tells at all the cons I see him at! Stan Lee was truly a legend in his own time but now the heavens have a new story teller to keep them laughing on the other side, and he also gets to be with his wife that also recently past as well! So, Stan you will be missed EXCELSIOR!!!!!!”

“I’ve been fortunate to have seen Stan live on many occasions at various cons. What struck me was how regardless or age, health or exhaustion, he was always passionate, engaged and sharp as an adamantium claw. He made his fans feel like a priority and I never heard of a con attendee having a negative interaction with him. Behind closed doors and in the green rooms, Stan was always personable and generous with his time. I can’t imagine anyone that better represented the spirit of pop culture more than him. It was also amazing how even at his age, he was constantly creating. He’s inspired us all to keep innovating and never slow down. Stan, you will be missed”

“Like many of you, I grew up reading Marvel comic books and Stan created many of my favorite characters (Spider-man is my all time favorite) and books. I was fortunate enough to meet Stan on several occasions over the years and he was always very pleasant to speak with. Thank you Stan for the many worlds that you created, and thank you for inspiring countless others. You will be missed. EXCELSIOR!”

So many fond memories. Let us know your favorite ones by leaving a comment below. 

2 thoughts on “Our Stan Lee Memories

  1. I was not fortunate enough to meet Stan Lee but he affected my life nonetheless. I always loved his cameos and the stories people would tell about meeting him. I keep thinking of all the stories he may have never gotten to tell.

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