SDCC 2018 In Review!

Sadly, another Comic-Con has come and gone all to quickly, despite that, much fun was had by all (at least I hope). That being said, there were numerous highlights to enjoy, here are some of my favorites.

Cosplay – Nothing like SDCC to bring out the incredible creativity and alter ego’s that is known as cosplay. From fantasy to super heroes to sci-fi to movies, cosplay rules they day at SDCC and is one of the most enjoyable parts of the con. Specifically, for me, I revealed my own bit of fun with a new character I created. Everyone knows Captain America, but did you know his lesser known redneck cousin: Capt’n ‘Murica? That’s right, the world’s greatest redneck Avenger roamed the halls of this year’s SDCC! Sporting armor, overalls, a ‘Murica trucker cap and trash can lid shield, all for your amusement. He even sported a Make Avengers Great Again sign. Well he roamed for a couple days until an over-zealous security guard told me I could not have a metal shield, which completely defeated me. Here is a picture, let me know what you think!

Conancon – For the second year in a row I got the immense pleasure of seeing Conan O’Brien tape live at SDCC! This is without a doubt one of the most things I have ever done at Comic-con! The amazing band comes out and warms the crowd up with some killer music including the longest trumpet note I have ever heard (hold that note!). I love monologues and Conan threw out a great one. Friday featured greats like Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, as well as Sarah Paulson and Anya Taylor-Joy (from Split) as well as Mr. M Night himself! Much fun was had and multiple MF’s were said (that should really be Samuel L. Jackson catch phrase). Oh, did I mention the surprise appearance by Jamie Lee Curtis? To top that off Conan gave away his exclusive Conan Pop Vinyl’s with this one being Conan as Ant Man (complete with miniature Conan). Since the mid-nineties Conan has been a hero of mine so this was super special.

The Writers Danger Room – Whether you like to write or just interested in learning how, the Writer’s Danger Room is for you! Writer’s are given a series of prompts to speed write about for three minutes per prompt. Each prompt is meant to pull out the writer’s real-life experiences designed to teach them material they can learn from. Then they choose two of those lessons, combine them with a creative challenge (such as working in a vampire in a movie theatre) and speed write for ten minutes to produce a creative narrative based on those lessons. It is a pretty brilliant idea, really, really fun and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in writing.

Most of all I enjoyed the people around me, especially hanging with the C4CC crew! You meet so many cool people and the great thing is you get to see them next year! Which leaves us with this. What were your favorite SDCC 2018 memories?

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One thought on “SDCC 2018 In Review!

  1. Spending time with you at the Game of Bloggers party was a definite highlight. And getting to see all my friends this year was wonderful.

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