Building a Geek Brand Panel at Comic-Con 2018

Welcome back from Comic-Con! I hope you have caught up on some well deserved rest! It was an amazing year with a lot to celebrate. Personally, it was one of the most stressful and challenging years but in the end, everything turned into an unbelievable experience. IN the midst of the chaos, I still love hosting panels and this one has become one of my favorites. The Building a Geek Brand panel is a tangible way to provide advice for those seeking to make a change in their professional life. I am grateful to have this opportunity and I was really encouraged by the conversation. Check out the audio below or you can listen on iTunes or download here.

Do you dream of a career in the pop culture industry? Do you have an idea or product but don’t know how to get it to market? Do you have a geeky brand but feel stuck trying to get it to the next level? Hosted by Tony B. Kim (Hero Within, Crazy 4 Comic Con), pop culture entrepreneurs will share how they transformed their hobby into an exciting career and offer advice to attendees who hope to do the same. Panelist include Ani-Mia (professional cosplayer), Chris Gore(writer, creator), Genese Davis (author), and Andre Meadows (YouTube host).

Thanks for listening and comment below with some of your tips of building your own brand.

One thought on “Building a Geek Brand Panel at Comic-Con 2018

  1. I love this panel. The passion you all speak with is inspiring. I am so happy for all of you and look forward to the more in the future from you all.

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