What You Should Be Doing Now To Prepare For SDCC!

So SDCC is just around the corner and you are excitedly getting ready in every way you can. There isn’t much time left and I promise it will fly by quick. Your brain is probably already racing about everything you need to do to prepare but undoubtedly you may forget a few things. Fortunately, here are some things you should be doing now before you run out of time.


Promotional Items – Got a business card you want to hand out? Or maybe a flyer for your event? Better make sure you are ordering them now. Design, production and shipping often take more time then you expect.  Make sure you are getting all of your materials now so aren’t scrambling around at the last minute trying to get them ready (or don’t have them at all). This is especially true if you are an artist/writer going to the Creator’s Connect or handing out stuff at the Game of Bloggers event (conveniently hosted be Crazy4ComicCon!).

Cosplay Items – You got the best costume ever! Oh, except that one little detail you forgot to order online in time for it to arrive before SDCC. Often times you have to custom order something which may take even longer.  I know for me this was a huge one when I was making Bubba. I gave myself plenty of time to order all the little details I needed to make him the most infamous redneck in the galaxy.  Make a list of everything you need and get it all ready now. That way your costume will be the epic greatness you planned on it being.

Gear and Tech Items – Camera’s, attachments, video recorders, batteries, phone juicers – you name it and you will probably want to bring it so you can capture SDCC in all of its glory! That is, assuming you have it all in time.  Make sure you are getting all of your gear together now so you will have it when you see that celebrity walking by and want to snap that picture to boast to your friends

Anything Online – This pretty some ups all of the above but if you need to order something online you better do it now to account for shipping. How about Ebay? What if that auction is a long one and you don’t win your bid? Better give yourself time to find a replacement.

Waiting in Line – Go ahead and start practicing waiting around now because you will do it a lot. I recommend going to the DMV.   

I can’t believe SDCC is almost here! Getting ready now will ensure you maximize your time there and enjoy every minute of it along the way! Hope to see you there!

One thought on “What You Should Be Doing Now To Prepare For SDCC!

  1. I am soooo ready for SDCC this year…. well my brain is. Otherwise I am nowhere near ready.
    I think it will be comic tees and jeans this year, no cosplay for me, not even everyday cosplay like last year.
    I just can’t think of things and now with only two weekends left, I can be ok with tees and jeans.

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