What Makes Comic-Con So Special?

It’s that time of the year! Your Facebook and Twitter feed may be filling with news of new Exclusives, exciting offsite events and which studios will be in Hall H. Almost 50 years ago, the first San Diego Comic-Con had about 30 fans in attendance. Now, it has become the largest fan gatherings in the world with 150k+ descending into the Gaslamp in July. Some curious outsiders wonder if the show is really worth the hype. This video by Visit California perfectly captures the awe and wonder of Comic-Con week. Personally, my dreams were discovered at Comic-Con and I am living my dream out because of Comic-Con. This is more than just having fun for a few days but it could be about discovering who you are. In this video, David Glazer says “Don’t let anyone tell you your passion isn’t worthwhile, because it is”. I agree.

Leave a comment for why Comic-Con is so special for you!

3 thoughts on “What Makes Comic-Con So Special?

  1. I have been going since 2006 minus a year or 2, every time I go, its like the first time because there is always something new that has captured my interest throughout the year that I can’t wait to get into at SDCC! ❤

  2. My first SDCC was in 2009. I decided to go because I had met some really cool folks on-line as a result of The Guild. Getting a badge back then was a breeze compared to how it has been the past few years. If anything, it was great to meet with like-minded people. Taking in the sites and sounds. See what’s new and upcoming. I’ve only missed one year since. It’s been my annual vacation. 🙂

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