Avengers Infinity War Review Podcast

From the theater and straight into therapy, it’s our Avengers Infinity War podcast review! If you are like us, we experienced all the rollercoaster feelz in this epic film commemorating 10 years of Marvel Studios. But with so many characters and so many storylines, could Infinity War bucket under its own epicness? Our C4CC team (Travis, Kari, Ali & Tony) gather to discuss the highs, lows and every crazy moments in-between. Thanks for listening, leave a comment and make sure to subscribe on iTunes!

7 thoughts on “Avengers Infinity War Review Podcast

  1. Saw it Solo Thursday 10pm in Las Vegas Galaxy Cannery Theater Full Theater, Saturday 6pm with my daughter at Aliante 16 Empty Theater

  2. :::Spoilery Alert::: Im pretty sure anyone killed by the Infinity Stones are stored in the Soul Stone…just saying

  3. Dr. Strange said there was only one scenario where Thanos is defeated. I think that is why he gave him the Time stone

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