Superman 80th Anniversary

The 1000th Issue of Action Comics comes out today- a feat no other comic in history has been able to accomplish. It’s fitting since 2018 marks the big boy scout’s 80th anniversary year. 80! Can you believe it? That’s eight decades of leaping tall buildings in a single bound! Not only has he overcome a lifetime of challenges, Superman has become the archetype of which all other heroes are compared. Without him, the landscape of comic books, comic cons and superhero movies would be completely different. To commemorate the release of this landmark issue, I am posting the audio from my Superman celebration from Portland Comic Con this past weekend. Joining me in this panel are Jason Inman, Ashley Robinson and DC artist, Mostafa Moussa. While we agreed on many parts, there were a few heated debates as well! Let me know what you think of Superman in the comments below. Enjoy and go pick up the 1000th issue today!

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