Bad Samaritan Review

**Spoilers ahead**

While attending SVCC this past weekend, I was lucky enough to catch an early screening of the upcoming film titled Bad Samaritan staring the popular star of Doctor Who, David Tennant who, not surprisingly, turns in an excellent performance. Tennant plays a wealthy but psychotic character by the name of Cale Erendreich. Also staring in this film is Robert Sheehan of Misfits as Sean Falco, Jacqueline Byers as Riley Seabrook, Seans girlfriend, Carlito Olivero as Derek Sandoval, Seans best friend and Kerry Condon as Katie. Bad Samaritan is directed by Dean Devlin who last directed 2017’s Geostorm which wasn’t greeted to fondly by critics and fans alike. Don’t let that fool you though, Bad Samaritan is an outstanding thriller/drama movie with awesome performances from all its key actors with great direction from Devlin.

The movie takes place in Portland Oregon and at the beginning we are greeted with a flash back scene of young Cale that involves a horse. I don’t want to say more than that, but just know this is an important scene that sets the basis for Cales behavior as an adult. Flash forward to present time as we meet Sean and Derek as they are performing their job as restaurant valet drivers. Not only do Sean and Derek park your car, sometimes they use the GPS in the cars to locate and burglarize the restaurant patrons house. As fate would have it, this is how Sean and Derek meet Cale. Cale comes to dine and is an a-hole to both Sean and Derek so they decide that Cale is their next victim. Derek stays at his valet post while Sean goes to do the dirty work at Cales house. This is where things get truly interesting. While burglarizing the home, Sean happens upon a woman, Katie, who is obviously being held there against her will as she is shackled, gagged, and bolted to the floor. After briefly attempting to free Katie, Sean decides to leave her there and return the car to Cale who had been waiting impatiently. After Cale drives off Sean tells Derek about the woman and they ultimately decide to anonymously call the police in an attempt to save the woman’s life. Of course that would have been too easy as Cale is very clever and the cops leave unaware of any wrong doing in the house. What follows is an extremely well played game of cat and mouse between Sean and Cale that I do not wish to spoil for anyone. I’ll just say that Sean wants to save Katie despite what it may mean for his own freedom and Cale wants, and gets revenge on Sean in various ways, for disrupting his way of life. This eventually leads to a very satisfying confrontation and ending between these two great actors.

Bad Samaritan succeeds on many levels. There’s several jump scares, comedic moments and the suspension had me on the edge of my seat on more than once occasion. The acting by David Tennant and Robert Sheehan is top notch. All the other actors brought their A game as well. The pacing, story telling and directing were also great. This movie was an unexpected pleasant surprise and I hope people give it a chance and enjoy it as much as I did. If you are a David Tennant or drama/thriller fan, give Bad Samaritan a shot when it opens on May 4th and you won’t be disappointed.


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