Fandom to Career Panel @ WonderCon

It was another awesome WonderCon in Anaheim this past weekend. Being awesome on many levels, WonderCon also marks the beginning of the con season. Besides traveling to many cons, the best part is being reunited with old friends to talk about relevant pop culture topics. In the past year and a half, my journey has been more entrepreneurial in nature and it’s been a joy to share it with you on panels and podcast. At WonderCon, I hosted the “Fandom to Career; Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True” panel. Below is the panel description and audio. Enjoy!

Tony B Kim (Hero Within, Crazy 4 Comic Con) hosts a discussion about how to turn your passionate hobby into a promising career. You’ll learn the various ways to monetize your interests, how to launch your brand, and what pitfalls to avoid. Attendees will get a chance to pitch business dilemmas for the panel to help solve. Panelists include Britta Lundin (writer, CW’s Riverdale), Andre Meadows (YouTube personality, host), Chris Gore (comedian, writer), LeeAnna Vamp (cosplayer, host), and a surprise guest.

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