It’s The Most Wondercon Season Of All…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, I’m obviously not talking about Christmas, I am talking con time! That’s right, nerds and geeks everywhere are gearing up for con’s across America (Con’s Across America sounds like a nonprofit doesn’t it?). And next up is Wondercon this week! I’ve written about Wondercon a couple of times and I really enjoy this convention. It is not overwhelming like SDCC but still large enough to attract some real talent and because it is still largely regional it gets a lot of local vendors and artist as well. There is cosplay galore and a plethora of interesting panels. So let’s take a look at the ‘ole program guide and what appeals to me and hopefully you.

Spotlight on Larry Hama. Friday, March 23rd, 2:30pm. This panel has an extra special meaning to me. The very first comic book I ever started collecting was Marvel’s GI Joe (back in the 80’s) and Larry Hama was the man who wrote them. Larry will be going through a panel-by-panel slide show of one his GI Joe works, talking about what went to each panel. I think this will be fascinating.  A few years ago at SDCC I tracked down GI Joe #47, the first comic I ever remember buying and had Larry autograph it. He was a super nice guy and I can’t wait for this panel.

Fandom To Career: Make Your Wildest Dreams Come True, Friday, March 23rd , 4:00pm. What com would be complete without our very own Tony B. Kim hosting a panel on how to start a career in creativity. You learn all about what do right, what you may be doing wrong, and what it takes to succeed in various creative industries. Also, it is mandatory for all Crazy4ComicCon writers to attend.

Comic Book Law School, So I Have This Idea…Friday, March 23rd, 5:30pm. I have written about this panel before but it is so good I plan on being there again. Attorney Michael Lovitz discusses the in’s and out’s of intellectual property rights and how to protect yourself in an age of confusing copyright laws. This a is must see for anyone looking to be published on any level. Lovitz is funny, engaging and seriously knowledgeable about this subject. He also has some great handouts and other resources that are incredibly useful for aspiring artist and writers.

Into The Badlands – Saturday, March 24th, 10:00am. I really dig this show. This AMC original boosts some of the best martial arts scenes on TV (way better then say Iron Fist). The cast and producers will be there to discuss the show as well as what might come next season. Sounds like a great panel to me.

Everyone’s A Critic: Being A Journalist In An Online Age, Saturday, March 24, 11:00am. As a writer for a blog this one really intrigues me. Panelists will discuss modern journalism in forms ranging from podcasts to bloggers to online news sources. Topics will range from professionalism, show specific outlets and legal concerns.

The Writers Coffehouse At Wondercon: Sunday, March 25th, 11:00am. Writer’s love coffee shops, it is where we go to pretend we are writing. While this may not be at an actual coffee shop, this event is where writers can go to have open discussions about all things writing.  This is not a panel per se as much as an open forum where discussions can be freely had on just about whatever you want. I will be attending and having a fun time connecting with fellow creative types.

“Crazy” Together: Uniting Toward Shaping The Future Of Mental Health And Pop Culture: Sunday, March 25th, 4:00pm. Anybody that knows me knows about my own struggles with OCD and depression and how I have always been a big advocate for this community. This is a community that has been grossly misrepresented by stigma’s and stereotypes (again, see Iron Fist). Join as panelist discuss how to shape and change the way society and pop culture portray those who suffer from various mental health challenges.

So what will you be doing at Wondercon? If you are going to be there hit me up! I’d love to meet!

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