Don’t Be A Dick!-Book Review

Big D Little D, what begins with D? Don’t Be A Dick!  by Razzle Dangerously.


Comedian/podcast host, Razzle Dangerously, has written a “children’s” picture book that reminds readers to use common courtesy, and it is an absolute delight. This satirical picture book reminds us of kind things we SHOULD do, like returning a friend’s car with gas in it or holding doors for people. There are also some reminders of things NOT to do, like stealing or lying…and for goodness sake, please don’t chew with your mouth open. These are all lessons that most of us learn as children, but many seem to have forgotten somewhere along the way.

Let’s be honest, even though we’re adults now, we don’t necessarily FEEL like adults, and the things that remind of us being kids are pretty awesome. Stylistically similar to a Dr. Seuss book, Razzle’s story has a flavor that seems nostalgic and familiar. His knack for rhyme and his simple, no nonsense message quickly captures readers. The illustrations by EJ Lucas perfectly reflect the tone and character of the book.

I recommend purchasing this as a stocking stuffer for any adult or high school age person in your life. Don’t Be A Dick is sure to keep the whole family laughing and pass along some important life lessons in the process.

Don’t Be A Dick! is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble, or Kindle and paperback versions are available through Amazon.




One thought on “Don’t Be A Dick!-Book Review

  1. Is the book How not to be a dick suitable for a very savvy 11 year old boy with 2 sisters near his age? I sent it to him in France, should I warn his Parents to confiscate it?

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