SDCC 2018 Registration this Saturday!!

This Saturday December 9th is the day thousands of nerds gather in front of their PC’s while praying to the SDCC Gods. Yes its time for open registration once again. If it seems like we just did this you’re right. It was only a mere 8 months ago when we all stared at the blue circle of death, as I like to call it, in hopes of obtaining a badge to the annual geek gathering know as SDCC. As usual a lucky few will obtain their “golden ticket” but unfortunately most will leave disappointed as the demand for badges far outweigh the supply. Hopefully you have already obtained your Comic-Con membership ID’s, if not you will have to wait until 2019. For those of you that do have ID’s here’s some information that you might find useful.

1. It’s a sad fact but like I mentioned above the demand for SDCC badges far outweighs the supply. According to The San-Diego Comic-Con Unofficial blog website, you only have an approximate 6% chance of obtaining a badge during open registration. To boost those odds join a buying group. Example: Lets assume there are six people in your buying group. Since one person can buy for a total of three people, only two people from your group needs to get in to buy badges for all six of you. The more people in your group the better chances your group succeeds as a whole. This is still no guarantee, but it’s definitely better than going in solo. This is the only true way to increase your chance of obtaining a badge. Friends of CCI website has buying groups that you can join at The only potential negative is the fact that payments cannot be split, so you could be purchasing badges for complete strangers that you have to entrust with paying you back. Most of the Comic-Com community is legit, honest and just trying to help one another out so that is a risk well worth taking in my opinion. Joining a group is the number one tip for a reason and I cannot stress it enough. If you do join a buying group it is imperative that your group communicates with one another. If someone else purchases a badge for you and you don’t know it and try and purchase your own badge the system may kick you out! COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!

2. On December 9th you can log into the waiting room with your personal registration code as early as 8:00am PT but the random sorting process wont begin until shortly after 9:00am. I suggest logging in around 8:30am to give yourself plenty of time to sort out possible problems. Make sure the blue circle in the bottom right hand corner is spinning. This means you are connected and the system is operating correctly. Once everyone is randomly sorted the system will start allowing people to purchase badges shortly after 9:00am. While in the waiting room you will receive regular updates regarding badge inventory. I also suggest following social media for more up to the minute information. There will be a #sdcc and/or #sdcc2018 on twitter. The SDCC Unofficial Blog website ( will be doing a live podcast as usual starting at 8:30 PT.

3. Again you can buy badges for a total of three people including yourself. You will need their membership ID and their last name. Have all that information and your credit card ready so you will be prepared to check out. If/when you do get to the purchase screen, you will have 15 minutes to complete your transaction. If you happen to experience problems while attempting to complete your purchase take a screen shot and contact CCI.

4. Inevitably many will be disappointed after not being able to secure a badge. I know its not the same as getting inside the convention center but there are so many other activities going on outside the convention center. I’m certain you can find something that suits your particular interests. If I personally didn’t obtain a badge I would still at least consider going for the off site activities.

5. In previous years CCI has held a resell for badges at a later date. This would be a very limited sale and has not happened for the past few years but you never know. Keep you ears open if you fail to acquire a badge during Open Registration.

Good luck to all my fellow nerds. I hope you obtain that coveted badge that allows you access to one of the greatest geek festivals known to man!

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