Justice League Trailer

We are finally inching forward to what we’ve been waiting for- Justice League! The trailer dropped this weekend and it does not disappoint! The biggest addition is that we finally get our first look at Henry Cavil, even though it’s in a dream sequence. However, we get a feeling we will see much more of him in the film! Each trailer seems more promising than the next. What do you think? Leave comment below!

2 thoughts on “Justice League Trailer

  1. If Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is there, I’m in 😉
    I can tell this is a Zach Snyder film … it’s so dark.
    I am not too picky as long as I can follow along with the story and I am ready to see everyone together and see the newbies.

    • Agreed! It’s smart of them to put more WW in front of the film and in the marketing. Hopefully Joss lightened up the tone. Thanks for commenting!

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