NYCC Begins!

New York Comic Con has begun and I am in it! Even with all of my con travel over the years, I have never made it to NYCC. It’s actually been about 15 years since I’ve been in the Big Apple so excited to make my return. I am exhibiting with my company, Hero Within, which can be found at booth 2569- please come by!

So far, Day 1 was amazing. As a SDCC vet, here’s a few things I noticed. The most notiable is the lack of city participation and transformation that occurs like in the Gaslamp in San Diego. They do their best in the adjacent walkways but it’s no where near the scope. So when you walk out of the center, you are immediately in the city. However, the lobby of the Javits Center is amazing! Grand, multi-level and spacious, it’s filled with huge promotions and sponsored activations. The space to hang out, relax, eat and take pics with cosplayers is pretty epic.

I was surprised at how little cosplay there was for Day 1, but I’m sure it will pick up this week. More pics of the showroom and stories to come. If you are in town and at the show, come by my booth!

4 thoughts on “NYCC Begins!

  1. So jealous of you right now! Have a great time at NYCC. I have never been to NYCC and your pictures and descriptions are making me want to make the Cross Country trip to NY…Good Luck

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