Nerd Out – Your Geek Calendar Guide

Often it is hard to know about all the cool nerdy/geeky events going on, but have no fear! I spoke with Michelle Jensen, the founder of Nerd Out, to learn all about this helpful new information hub.

What is the Nerd Out app?
Nerd Out is a nerd event calendar that features events such as comic conventions, screenings, performances, comic book signings, lightsaber battles, nerdy burlesque, wand making for kids, and all sorts of nerdy goodness! We list events for 77 locations across the United States, England, and Canada.

When did it come out?
It came out August 2015, though I originally came up with the concept in April of that year. I took the time between then to research and plan out the company.

How did this app come about? Why did you have it made?
A friend of mine has an app company, in December of 2014 he had mentioned to me that if I ever knew someone who needed an app I should send them his way. At the time I was like sure, whenever I meet someone who needs one. Five months later I was complaing to another friend about how there was no central location for all these events. I also realized all the events I was complaining about were nerdy. Some were listed on Tumblr, Facebook, and other sites across the web. It was really hard to keep track of! So while driving home one day I thought about how awesome it would be if there was one central location for all this information. I was so excited that the moment I got home I called my app friend up and it all ran from there.

I felt I had to have it made. I just couldn’t not do it. I launched a crowdfunding campaign to get it made and it failed, but I didn’t care. I still wanted to create this calendar to help nerds like myself.

You also have a website and newsletter, please talk about those.
The website is actually the calendar now. As of September 2017 we have shut down the app. That’s solely because people enjoyed the website more. There’s a lot of content on the calendar so research showed it was easier for users to view it via a computer instead of a mobile screen. With 6,000+ events I get why it’s easier on a computer. The website also provides a more effectient way for users to submit events. We get a number of event hosts who use it to get their events on the calendar. We also have information on our travel company, Nerd Out Adventures, and our Squad on the website.

Our bi-weekly newsletter features our Top 5 Events Guides. For twelve locations we do a newsletter that includes the Top 5 events in their area, as well as showcasing awesome companies like Prophecy Girl (, giveways, discounts, and Squad events.

What is the purpose of Nerd Out?
Our motto is “Find friends. Do cool stuff.” Making new friends in the nerd community has always been my favorite part of this culture. I’ve met people from across the world because of it. Nerd Out is your tool to find amazing, exciting, fantastical events and hopefully make a friend while you’re there. That’s always been the purpose of Nerd Out.
What has been your favorite experience with Nerd Out?
Meeting awesome nerds and seeing how Nerd Out has affected them. One woman in particular found me at Comic Con last year just to tell me how appreciative she was for the calendar. A friend of her’s had moved to Vegas and wasn’t feeling very welcome in their new work environment. She used Nerd Out to help her friend a local gaming group and made a bunch of new friends. There’s nothing that warms my heart more than someone finding their tribe.
Why should people join?
Nerd Out provides a lot. Aside from the amazing events in the calendar, we have the Nerd Out Squad. The Squad was created as a social club which puts together events like Scavenger Hunts and Brunches. It’s been great to see so many people come to these events with welcoming hearts. If that’s not enough, come in for the discounts and giveaways! Everyone loves free stuff! Nerd Out Adventures is in the works so if you hop on board now you’ll be the first to hear about our nerd trips coming up!
Anything else you would like to add?
We’ve got more in store for you guys soon! With the Squad doing so well, we’ve decided to bring more of a “lifestyle” aspect to you guys. Keep an eye out for what #NerdingOut will be. A podcast may also be in the works. It’ll give you a behind the scenes on what it’s like here at Nerd Out HQ!


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Just in time for the Halloween season, here is a link to their Halloween event –

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