My SDCC 2017

I still cannot believe that I have now been home from SDCC for a week. I won’t lie to you; I still have a small suitcase sitting by my front door that I have yet to unpack. Things have been a little rocky since I’ve been home and there’s a part of me that feels like if I keep that suitcase packed, then the show isn’t REALLY over. Ha! A girl can dream!

img_0856This year’s SDCC was a whirlwind. While I feel that I missed out on so much of what I wanted to see, I consider this trip to be far more successful than last year, as the anxiety levels were far more tolerable and I made so many new friendships. Once I got there, things kicked off with the first official meeting of Team C4CC. Tony has brought such a great group together, but I had no idea that we would get along so well in person. We all hit up preview night and then we all headed over to the House of Blues for a night of getting to know folks at Game of Bloggers.


Thursday I caught the John Barrowman panel. Every time I see him, I end up leaving with my face and my stomach hurting from laughter. He worked that JB sass in a sparkly T.A.R.D.I.S. dress and high top Converse. Oh, how I wish I could be as carefree as that man. He is exactly who he is and gives no apologies for it. I so admire that about him. He closed the panel by singing Copacabana and it was marvelous.

That evening I went to see Game of Thrones: The Musical. Steven Brandon and Steven Christopher Parker put together an absolutely fantastic show that kept everyone rolling in the aisles. After the 6 o’clock show and before the 9 o’clock show, people gathered on the roof for music, drinks, and Bingo.




Afterward I walked over to the Children’s Museum for the SyFy party. I had cosplayed as Daenerys and a few people had stopped to take photos. I ended up with my own Unsullied army walking with me.
#OnlyAtComicCon SyFy hosted a great party and we all danced the night away to the musical stylings of the Spazmatics.

Friday was my day to “relax” and that’s when I took a little time to wander the convention floor and pick up a couple of items. Keep an eye out for an article on some of the new artists and exhibitors that I stumbled upon! In the afternoon, Jefferson and I headed over to the taping of Conan. The crowd was energized to see Conan and the Game of Thrones cast. That interview seemed to go far too quickly. It was so interesting to hear their stories and see the cast without their wigs and costumes.

img_0756Saturday morning came with brunch and a panel on death and destruction. It was the most depressing, hilarious, and informative panel I have ever attended. I learned about cyber terrorism, germ warfare, chemical warfare, etc. It was one of those situations where you weren’t entirely sure whether to be terrified or laugh hysterically. Most of us chose the laughter, but I think it shook all of us a little.

Saturday evening the gang rode in style back to the House of Blues for the Red Wedding afterparty. That was another great night of music and dancing. I’m so thankful to Tony Kim and the rest of the Crazy 4 Comic Con team for all of the support and encouragement. This SDCC would not have been the same without every single one of them. Another special thanks to everyone I met at Game of Bloggers and Red Wedding. You guys are great and helped to make this year extremely special. Feel free to comment below, and make sure you follow me on Twitter at @amlehr!

4 thoughts on “My SDCC 2017

  1. Sounds like a great con for you! Happy to hear.
    I agree that Tony’s parties were awesome. We met so many great people and just had a wonderful time. We were lucky to be a part of the fun.

    • I just wish I had been brave enough to introduce myself to more people. I made vast improvements in that area, but still feel like with the amount of people that were at the events, I met so few people.

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