My Top 5 SDCC Moments!

So another great Con has come and go and I had a blast! I made a lot of great memories, too many to count, but if anyone asks here are my top five

  1. The Creator’s Connect – I have written about this event on my Wondercon coverage but I went to it again this year at SDCC. It’s kind of like speed dating for artist and writers. On one side of the table artists set up with their portfolios and on the other side are the writers. You pitch your work to each other and every five minutes the writers get up and rotate to the next artist. It’s a super fun event and you meet a lot of really cool and talented people along the way.
  2. The Writer’s Danger Room – This was a brand new, never-before-seen event and as soon as I saw the description I knew I had to go. There is so much inspiration at Comic-Con but do you really have time to take it all in and do some creative brainstorming or writing? This event gave you just the opportunity. Six prompts were thrown out and we wrote for three minutes on each prompt. Then a few people read theirs for critiquing.  Each exercise had a writing lesson accompanying it and for the next part those lessons were combined to write about three new prompts for ten minutes each. This was a brilliant way to get a quick burst of creativity and soak in the inspiration the Con can produce. I will definitely be doing it next year.
  3. Nightlife – This one could have gone as number two (or maybe one, since it played a big part in number one) but over the years the after parties, in particular the Game of Blogger, has become one of my favorite parts of the Con. The first year Red Wedding After Party was loads of fun and Syfy delivered a fun time on Thursday night with a great 80’s cover band. It is so much fun connecting with new people and reconnecting with old friends I only get to see at conventions. Yeah, I missed the sleep but hey, SDCC is no place for the weary and the late  nights were totally worth it.
  4. ConanCon – I wrote about this already but going to the live taping of Conan O’Brien was nothing short of epic. It was so much fun. The music, comedy, crowd, energy and Game of Thrones cast made for what will surely go down as one of my favorite SDCC memories ever. Also, mad props to our fellow staff writer Allison for cosplaying as Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, during the Conan taping.
  5. The C4CC Crew! – I have to admit, my favorite part of the entire Con was hanging out with my peeps from this website. What a great crew, fun and creative group we have! Whether it be hanging out in the hotel room, roaming the sales floor or dancing at the Red Wedding, kicking it with this group made this one of the most fun and memorable Con’s I have ever had. Thanks to you guys and gals for being so awesome and I can’t wait until we see each other again!

What were your Con highlights? We want to know!

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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 SDCC Moments!

  1. Though Hall H on Saturday is Jam packed with great programming, it is NIGH-Impossible to get into…unless you plan to spend your entire con inline: A Cautionary Tale. Friday Hall H however also has some great programming but is now just slightly less horrible to get into as Saturday. One of my favorite SDCC2017 moments was in Hall H Friday as my friends and I reminisced about past cons in Hall H and how only a few of the Panels like The Hobbit and Marvel ever used the side panels to show the expansive clips or shots and for sure the Friday panels wound never use them. The Supernatural panel for sure would never use them. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki video pops up on the front screen praising their fans for the 13 years they have been coming to SDCC. The video ends with them saying, This year we wanted to bring something BIG. Cue the curtains on the Side Screens sliding away to reveal the Word KANSAS. ON STAGE Kansas -The band has appeared and are ripping out the shows Theme song Carry On My Wayward Son…My daughter 13 years old almost started to cry. My son 10 years old knows the song and is amazed a live band is playing on stage. Fumbling my phone I start filming the huge production on the side screens and singing along…embarrassingly recorded on my phone…with my daughter, son and friends jumping up and down and singing along…Great memories!

  2. #2 on your list sounds incredible. What a great thing to do at SDCC. So glad to learn about it.
    #5 is my favorite… along with a certain someone who always called out “Bookended” every time he saw hubby and I during the con… and it was a lot of times. LOL

    Seeing my friends is always #1 and it still holds up this year. So grateful for the forces that must align for us to all meet up at SDCC.

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