My SDCC Recap

SDCC 2017 has come and gone once again like a thief in the night. Being a 13 year Comic Con veteran I am still amazed each and every year at just how fast the Comic Con week seems to fly by. Everything is literally just a blur and it is sometimes difficult to remember all that transpired. If only my work week would pass as quickly! This year, as in every year, I had several failures which I like to refer as the doors of disappointment. These doors slammed in my face quite often, but occasionally I was able to kick them in for some unexpected success. Before I get to the highlights and disappointment/problems of my con experience, was it just me or did it seem like there was even more people on the floor and in the streets this year? The offsite lines were completely off the hook, the Hall H line was more hellacious than usual (thanks to approximately 400 scammers) and even the shuttle (for those of us not fortunate enough to be downtown) seemed to be bulging at the seams and slower than previous years. With that said here are some of my highlights of this years San Diego Comic Con.
1. Funko Love

If you have followed me here on C4CC, it is no secret that I am a Funko fanatic. I love collecting pops but getting into their booth during SDCC can be a nightmare. Fortunately for me this year I had gained access to their booth on preview night through their forums so I was set. I had planned to buy each and every available pop (I know, I’m crazy!) when the doors opened up on preview night. Unexpectedly I won Conan tickets that day which caused me to be a little late making it to the Funko booth so a lot of pops I wanted were already sold out. I was disappointed but really couldn’t complain since I enjoyed the Conan taping, plus I didn’t have to sleep outside to gain access to the Funko booth. I took that as a victory and did not plan on visiting the Funko booth again. The following day the Funko Gods smiled upon me once more when I met a fellow Funko fan in the Conan line that just happened to have an extra ticket to the Funko booth! Their spouse also had a ticket and they decided they didn’t need two tickets! I jumped on the gracious offer and proceeded to buy the rest of the pops that I was missing! Talk about being in the right place at the right time! 

2. Game of Bloggers

I finally got to meet my fellow C4CC writers at this awesome event. What a great group of people! I am truly blessed to be a part of such an incredible team. Thank you Tony for the opportunity and thanks to my fellow peeps from this website! I wish I could have hung out with you some more! I also got to meet several other bloggers from other sites that I frequent. I actually felt as if I was rubbing elbows with some big dogs in the industry. This was without a doubt one of the better memories from all of my con years. Shout out to Ali, Jeff, Kari, Lawrence, Tony and Travis. Hopefully we can all do it again next year, if it sooner!  I also got to meet some of peeps from my SDCC buying group. Nice to finally put a face to the name! For those I didnt meet, gotta hook up next year!

3. The Game of Thrones Experience 

I heard that all of the off sites this year were great (especially Blade Runner) but I was only able to attend The Game of Thrones Experience. Being a somewhat big fan of the HBO show it was nice to sit on the Iron Throne, swing a sword, see some props and be introduced as the King of the North! I honestly don’t know if it was worth the 11 hour wait that I hear some people had to endure but it was definitely a good time, plus I received two Funko pops at the end! 

4. Conan O’Brien Tapings

Conan O’Brien is becoming a regular at SDCC. This was the third straight year that he has brought the show to San Diego during the Con. As I mentioned above I was fortunate to win tickets to Wednesday’s taping and a friend gave me tickets to Thursdays second showing. While not as funny as last year in my opinion, there were still plenty of laughs to be had and all of his guests were pretty entertaining as well. Special shout out to Conan’s hype man, he has some great zingers that he uses on the crowd. Two more pops were also added to my collection.

Unfortunately there are problems that need to be addressed as well. Here are my personal complaints that need attention. 

1. Line Cutters & Lack of a online lottery system

I personally know of a person that got in the Funko line at 2:30 PM on Wednesday for the Thursday morning ticket drawing. After spending the night outside with hopes of getting into the Funko booth, his dreams were crushed when he never got the chance to draw because people cut the line. That is complete BS! Where is the security? Where is the self policing? Where are peoples morals? I spoke with a Funko employee about this and they believe CCI will implement an online lottery system next year. An online lottery is definitely needed (not just for Funko but for several other companies) and I don’t see any downside to having one. If you win you’re happy and you know when to go buy your products. If you lose you’re sad but you know and you didn’t sleep outside only to waste your time and money away from your hotel bed. Get with the times CCI! Entertainment Earth uses an online lottery for some of their celebrity signings. I have won some and I have lost some, but I never wasted any of my precious time in a line only to lose! If an online lottery system is not implemented I believe its only a matter of time before physical fights erupt from people cutting in line and nobody wants that!

2. Hall H scammers 

As most of you probably already know, approximately 400 Hall H wristbands were either stolen or counterfeited which caused 400 legitimate wrist band holders to be left out of Hall H on Saturday. These 400 people were compensated with 4 day passes for next year, but they stayed outside overnight to get into Hall H to see their favorite actor/shows this year. Again, where is the security? Are we heading towards RFID going in and out of Hall H? Something clearly has to be done to fix this problem. I’m certain this ruined a lot of those people’s cons and some probably don’t even want to come back next year after this bad experience. Expect BIG changes as early as next year.  

3. Saturdays are crazy

This has been a complaint of mine for years, but why are all the most popular panels, signings, and events all crammed into Saturday? Why not spread them out more evenly throughout the week? It’s very frustrating to only be able to pick one event over lets say five other events that you would like to possibly do. I know sometimes there is no way around choosing between this or that, but we shouldn’t be choosing between five or six equally great appearances in my humble opinion.

Overall I had a blast this year. The thought “why am I doing this?” did creep into my head after several failed drawings at various events but failures are and forever will be a part of SDCC. I’m very interested into seeing what CCI implements next year. I would be very surprised if some changes were not implemented. Lastly, can time just go by a little slower next year during the Con? See y’all in 2018!

2 thoughts on “My SDCC Recap

  1. We felt the time flying the year more than previous years. Not sure why but it the whole con/trip felt like a blink of an eye.
    Sorry for the disappointments but it sounds like the good outweighed the bad and that is all you can ask for. Until next year!

    • Yes the good times outweighed the bad for sure! The time definitely flew by…felt like one big blur! Can’t wait till next year! Thanks for commenting!

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