It’s A Wrap on my Sdcc!


Well folks another SDCC is behind us and those are some of the saddest words in the English language I’ve ever had to write. I just want to take some time to go over My SDCC with everyone The Highest of highs and the unfortunate lows.

Well it’s been 3 days now since coming home from what has to be the best SDCC yet! The reason I say that is because of how I choose to do my con this year. I spread out my time instead of wasting it fighting for Hall H everyday I got to do so much more yet still not enough! I got to spend time doing off-sites which I haven’t really ever done. I was at both Conan Shows on Thursday. I was chosen to ask the Arrow Cast a question on Syfy Live but that got bumped at the very last second. I was able to do the HBO Game of Thrones: Winter is Here off-site twice which was awesome but that’s an article all on its own.

Now, there were a few low points which it wouldn’t be SDCC if there weren’t. I got involved in a situation where I tried to return back from the restroom on Saturday back to Hall H with my return to Hall H pass and had my badge threatened to be taken from by a security person. To be fair it was right after the fake bracelet thing went down but there was no reason what so ever to threaten to take my badge when I did nothing wrong. So I didn’t get to see Marvel like I wanted to but I still had a great time!

Now, let’s get back to some fun stuff shall we?  Let us not forget about the many parties that went on after the con was over every night! The hard part was to decide to which party you were going to, if you were lucky enough to either be invited or to be able to score tickets to a party. I was able to get my name on more then a few party list but the ones I went to: I had a blast at them all, I lost my voice, met a lot of new people, saw an awesome live band at the Syfy party called the Spazmatics. The Ones I have to say were the best and I may be a little biased but had to have been Game of Bloggers and The Red Wedding After Party both were at the House of Blues!

For Me the best thing about this SDCC for me has to be about Friendships! I got to meet my buying crewing if it wasn’t for all of us coming together and working as one and trusting each other I might not have gotten a badge this year! So Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Finally I got to meet the rest of the crew from Crazy4Comiccon and we were already tight as a Team Crazy but we truly became a Family this week. We truly came together for each other in times of need. We worked hard and partied just hard with each other but we all watched each others backs and made sure everyone was ok! So Thank you Tony for putting together such a great Team who became a family. I love you all! 20170727_152224.jpg Team C4CC 4-Life !

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3 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap on my Sdcc!

  1. It was so awesome to meet you and then to keep running into you 🙂
    I’m glad overall you had a good con, I am sorry for the Hall H mix up though.
    I am grateful that hubby and I don’t want to go through all that. We really enjoy all the small panels and just walking through artist alley and the like in the hall. Can’t wait for next year.

    • Yes! That was so Awesome and yall are awesome folks can’t wait to see you both nect year as well, thats what I find Great about con there are so many people there but it really is a small community and once you meet someone its almost impossible not 2 run run into them again because u know them know! Funny thing is how many times it probably happened b4 we knew each other!

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