ConanCon at SDCC

I have to confess, Conan O’Brien has been a comedy hero of mine since he got his start in the mid 90’s, so when I was asked if I wanted to go see him at Comic-Con on Friday the answer was a resounding heck yes! I also must confess out of my 11 years of attending Comic-Con, this most fun I have ever had. Seriously, words fail me. 

The venue was the Spreckles Theatre, a very cool and very old venue that dates back to 1912 and held several hundred people (I have no idea what max capacity is but needless to say it was full). The stage was done up in in a Star Wars motif, with a portal looking out into a Conan Death Star face. The preshow involved a booty shaking dance off between various audience members (including one dressed as a Hobbit). Even better, Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band performed some amazing, crowd pumping music that included the longest trumpet note I have ever heard. The band truly was impressive and we knew we were in for an incredible time. And then the show started.

Andy came out, did the announcements and then out came Conan. The art of the monologue is always my favorite part of late night television and Conan was on point. Comic-Con is Conan’s crowd and he fed off the crazy energy. They did a couple of funny sketches and then low and behold, out comes the cast of Game of Thrones.

Since I am also a huge Game of Thrones fan (who isn’t) the spectacle of both Conan and GoT was tantalizing. The cast members, and I am using the characters names here for the sake of brevity, included: Ser Davos, Brienne, Sansa, Missandei  (who looked amazing), Bran, Samwell, Varys (who I did not recognize at first with a full head of hair) and Gray Worm. The did a whole double segment with them and had a very awesome surprise visit from Hodor at the end!

I admit, I was as giddy as a school boy during the entire thing. If you ever find yourself at Comic-Con you absolutely owe it to yourself to get tickets. You will be so glad you did. Oh, did I mention the exclusive Conan Pop Vinyl’s being given out? Yeah, we all got one of those as well. So I give a big shout out to team Coco for what will surely go down as my favorite Comic-Con memory.

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