Hall H ADA Line process

With SDCC unofficially starting tomorrow with Preview Night people are starting to line up already.  So, I got a chance to chat with Head RA manager of Hall H Line & Lobby Clarissa Perez. In the conversation I was able to ask what the official word on where we line up at for Hall H ADA line was. She gladly took me to the spot which was by the last set of glass doors facing the Hilton Bayfront, it will start on the other side of the light pole (see picture). After each day and the wrist bands are handed out the 1st half of the ADA line will be brought inside to fill in the shoots on the inside of the Convention Center once they’re filled the remaining line stays outside. Now things can change but as of now that is the plan for the hall h ADA line I hope this helps everyone that was still unsure about things. I was also able to talk to her about a few other things also but feel free to comment and I can try to answer the best I can.20170718_151228Comment Below

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2 thoughts on “Hall H ADA Line process

  1. I’m a little confused about where this is in relationship to the Hall H entrance. Is this the door about midway down the building from the Hall h entrance running perpendicular to the hall H line? Sort of across from that giant white structure?

    And is this where we line up for wristbands? Last year they had is line up in a different place on the front of the buildings. I think where you mentioned they would take us inside. But I didn’t do Hall H on Saturday sonperhaps it’s different.

    I appreciate all your investigative work on our behalf. Thanks!

    • its all the way to the left of the Hall H sign. Last set of glass doors and windows. Your facing the Bayfront and also yes this is where they will pass out wristbands but things may change at anytime.

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