Picking Programming and some Experience Tips for SDCC

There is so much to experience at SDCC as we know. There’s no one way to do SDCC so a lot of this doing finding what you want to do (helpful with the Sched system and official SDCC app) and also social media of the brands, personalities, etc. that you like.

You can have an SDCC experience without even going inside the convention center, all the outside events, and such, but especially if you have a badge you should go to some of the programming.

Now the programming isn’t just the big spectacle of H Hall and Ballroom 20. You can actually spend all weekend in line for one of these events and if you want to that is a fine SDCC to have. There are great panels of all kinds, covering topics you might not have thought about from discussions about Underground Comics with Denis Kitchen to A Celebration of Adam West with those who knew and worked with him. With many more in fashion, Overwatch, Buffy the Vampire, and panels on Will Eisner (who is why comics and all the pop culture properties we know exist as they do).

Panels can contain new opportunities such as Pop Culture Shark Tank (and a few others) will also be allowing pop-culture entrepreneurs to pitch their new ideas to actual investors.

Pick the programming that you want to do, don’t worry about the biggest things or not being able to see everything, because Comic-Con is about the experience.
Read through all the descriptions of panels online find what interests you or the people you’ll be interested in hearing speak. You might find that someone that you’ve always wanted to see or meet in person can be on a panel that you might not expect.

Now programming is also what’s going on the booths too. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and so many others have a lot going at their panels. Some gets announced in advance and for other things you just have to be there for the surprises and secrets.

An important thing to remember is that you will not be able to see it all, so while you should have a plan about what you want to do, you be flexible to see where exploring or something interesting might take you. That can lead to new opportunities, new friends, or just something fun. This also includes after hours with the afterparties or just going around experiencing Gaslamp. You can end up hanging out with people you might not expect such as a fan-favorite actor or having your picture taken with a friend by another popular actor, or playing tabletop games with a well-known author or artist.

In a way though that’s one of the fun things you can kind of only do at SDCC, hanging out with some fun people you might have never expected.

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