5 Weird Ways To Get Ready For Comic-Con

With San Diego Comic-Con around the corner, by now you have probably seen all the ‘Packing Lists’ and ‘Survival Guides’ from various sites. So instead, I wanted to write a post to help you to prepare in some weird ways. For some, Comic-Con is a once in a life time opportunity and I want you to make the most of it. Here are a couple of practical pieces of advice along with some lofty goals to consider.

1. Define Mission Objectives
I’ll start with an important one that I think gets often overlooked. For many, Comic-Con is about all the biggies- the showroom, panels, exclusives, etc… but for some, this is a critical opportunity to make some major changes in life. I know this sounds weird for a con, but I know many that got their ‘start’ at Comic-Con and have moved on to do great things. Now, they are making their mark in culture and living out their dreams. Thanks to technology, finding your own voice has never been easier, however it all starts with knowing what you want to do with your life and by taking some risks. So before you get lost in all the details of planning, ask yourself, what do you dream of and how can Comic-Con help you take that next step. Keep those objectives in the forefront of your mind during the show so you can take a step of faith when the time is right. Two years ago, I have a crude prototype blazer design. This year I am exhibiting for the first time and partnering with DC. Aim high and leave room to be surprised.

2. Footwear
Unless you run marathons for a living, there are very few events in life that make you ponder your footwear. It only takes one Comic-Con to learn the value of having the right kind of shoes. Blisters and sore arches are inevitable but you can certainly minimize the pain with four important tips:

  1. Break in new shoes that have good arch support
  2. Rotating new insoles each day to offer new support
  3. Use Moleskin adhesive felt tape instead of bandaids to protect from blisters
  4. New cushioned socks helps too

3. Power Up!
I’m no doctor but I am Asian- and my people make great doctors. So I wanted to offer some advice on how to physically keep pace during the show. If you are new to the four day experience of Comic-Con, it’s a very grueling ride. Whether you are standing for hours in the heat, sprinting to your favorite panels, or shuffling a mile on the showroom floor, you will be exhausted like you’ve never been before. Especially if you are going to take advantage of the late hours nightlife. The problems is that the pre-dawn schedule doesn’t exactly allow for a well balanced breakfast. After a couple of days, your body can be vulnerable to sickness or strain- making you zombie bait for sure. To keep that from happening you want to take some preventitive steps by starting on vitamins TODAY. Getting Vitamin C in your system BEFORE the con is key. It will not only give you energy but help protect you from the ‘con crud’.

4. How to Date At Comic-Con:
You typically don’t think of dating as a part of the prep for Comic-Con but I think for singles it’s something to consider. As nerdy as I am, I’m still a romantic at heart. So I think there is no other better place than to meet the right person than at Comic-Con! The brightest, funniest, smartest, sexiest, sincerest, passionate, and most awesome nerds are at SDCC. However, between buying exclusives, making it into Hall H, or chasing celebrities around, there is little time to come up with a strategy for dating. Often, you will meet someone with potential but they soon disappear in the sea of nerds- never to be seen again. Dating is plain hard- and trying to do it at Comic-Con might not be a lot easier. So here are a few tips to at get the conversation started and you never know where it might lead. I’ve known a few nerds to meet their significant other at a con so it does happen. If anything you might make a new life long nerdy friend.

  • For the guys: You might not have Henry Cavill’s looks, but confidence will help you be more powerful than a locomotive. Eye contact, smiling, and asking interesting questions will go a LONG way. If you don’t believe you should be standing in a conversation, she/he won’t either. Guys, I know this is tough, especially when it’s a group setting- but fortune favors the foolish. Boldly going for it is the only way to meet someone new at Comic-Con.
  • For the gals: Feel free to take the initiative to hang out later. He/she might be too shy to ask and your suggestion might be all that is needed. The easiest and safest thing to do is invite him/her into line with you for a later panel or to join your group for drinks at an after party. Be safe and be gentle letting someone down. But if anything, be open minded. You never know what can happen.

5. Before you can go forward, you have to look back
The story of the San Diego Comic-Con is unique. From it’s humble beginnings to the modern day media Goliath it has evolved into, SDCC is truly one of a kind. Chances are, many of you have basked in the glory of Hall H however probably don’t know the story of how Comic-Con became Comic-Con. I truly believe that understanding the history will help you appreciate the show even more. This documentary is a few years old but it does a good job taking you back to a simpler time.

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