Dorky Blogger seeks goofy geek


Hey the most eligible Nerd at SDCC (Me) has no one to go with him to one hottest ticketed shows to be at during SDCC. So I would love to take the most eligible lady at SDCC!! Yes, you still have a chance to come see Conan and meet a nice guy in the process! The Show is Thursday 2pm (Show A as a 2nd show was just added today.)

The only thing you have to do to win is follow me ( I’ll follow back) on Twitter @TraviTravMc and Subscribe to the Crazy4Comiccon blog and leave a message with the #TravisTakeMe2Conan on why I should Take you!

Remember be creative, standout, catch my eye don’t be boring! If ur a Deadpool fan that’s a plus.  The winner will be chosen by the Staff and Crew of Crazy4Comiccon Blog so I suggest leaving a comment below – because you wont be limited to the 140 characters of twitter. Winner will be notified by next Tuesday will full instructions. Can’t wait to meet the winner this is going to be fun!

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11 thoughts on “Dorky Blogger seeks goofy geek

  1. OMG!!!! This is the best contest at #SDCC!!! I would love to go to Conan, but more than that I love meeting new people at Comic-con. Im a local and I go alone every year cause most of my friends and family think I’m insane cause I’m into all the craziness!! My favorite show ever is Supernatural!! But I’m equal opportunity with all DC TV and I split my favorites between DC and Marvel movies….with Deadpool being the funniest movie I’ve seen in quite awhile.

    SERIOUSLY the credits after the last Deadpool trailer/short….I’ve literally shared a hundred times hahaha The while short story had me crying from laughing!!
    So even if I don’t win the contest I’d love to make a new friend anyways!!!
    Good luck to all and Happy Comic-con!!!
    Much Love

    • Thank you for entering!! I to love Supernatural That the only panel I care about on Sundays in Hall H!! My goal every year is 2 always have a SPN WB bag!! but good luck to you and if u dont win u are correct definitely love meeting new people and id love to meet everyone that enters!!!

      • Haha mine too!!! And I’m definitely camping out Saturday night in the Hall H line…..Sleeping on the ground for Supernatural, yep I’m that fan!!!

          • Cool, thankfully the Hall H line for Sunday usually isn’t too long, but I dont wanna risk not being as CLOSE AS POSSIBLE to the cast of Supernatural!!!! Bahahaha
            Obviously I have a theme going here!!!

  2. Hey hey hey! This contest couldn’t get anymore original. I grew up watching Batman on Saturday mornings and then got into the Marvel Universe with XMen the original three before the universe completely changed, so going through the MCU I ended loving the new and improved Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool as Robert downey Jr is to Iron Man. I am so grateful to have gone to SDCC for 7 years and hen getting my sister AND my mom into it. So we three ladies have gone together for the last 4 years. Either volunteering or buying tickets. Going to the Conan Show would be the epitome of SDCC Gods choosing me!!!


    So please Please choose me!

    Marvel all the Way : Jessica (aka @sdcc4eva) twitter

    • Thank you Jessica 4 taking the time to come and enter the contest! Did u follow me on Twitter and leave on the original post with the #TravisTakeMe2Conan

  3. Alright….check list for Conan tickets.

    Follow @TraviTravMc. Check

    Subscribe to Crazy4ComicCon. Check

    Leave a message and stand out. Crap. Well that’s turned out to be the hardest part. I’ve spent the last 24hours trying to figure out something witty to say and all I have is this……I only recently (last 5 years) discovered that conventions like SDCC were a thing. Imagine being a geek all by yourself not knowing things like this existed and then one day…bam! Floodgates. So any opportunity I find, push past my comfort zone and put myself out there. I would love the opportunity to see Conan because well, it’s Conan. And although it sounds self serving to say, I do love Deadpool and his Chimichanga Truck (Funko) holds a place of honor in my collectibles room (collectibles, because toy room sounds too 50 shades for my taste).

    Here’s to throwing my hat in the ring. Fingers crossed.


    • Thx 4 entering! I can definitely say your 50 shades comment put you in Stand out territory lol! Good luck 2 you and thx again 4 entering!

      • Thanks. And just realized I missed a check point. #TravisTakeMe2Conan

        I’m busy prepping for my flight. Tiny details are a killer at this stage.

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