Cosplay Decoded: Raychul Moore

Cosplay has become quite the spectacle at cons and with aid of the internet and TV shows such as Cosplay Melee, your every day person is learning about this world. I say world, because there is SO much involved with cosplay but it is still something accessible to all. In this series, I talk with cosplayers of all levels and ask them what got them started, what they have learned, and much more. Welcome to Cosplay Decoded. I hope this series inspires you to try cosplay if you haven’t yet, continue your cosplay journey if you are a regular cosplayer, and generally learn more about this awesome hobby/lifestyle.

Raychul Moore

What is your occupation?

I am a professional cosplayer and a YouTuber. 🙂

What got you started doing cosplay?

A friend of mine introduced me to cosplay back in 2005 when we were going to go to our first comic con together.

Black Canary

How long have you been cosplaying?

Over 10 years!! Man, that makes me feel old!!

You have a pretty big following, what is that like?

It’s super humbling and all sorts of magical!! I am very thankful for the awesome group of people who follow me and who I get to interact with on a daily basis!!

Many of your cosplays are very sexy. What advice would you give to someone who maybe wants to step out of their comfort zone and be more confident with a sexy cosplay? 

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad or less than awesome for wanting to feel and look sexy. If you feel beautiful, than you’re doing everything right!

Kasumi 1Kasumi 2

Slave Leia

Have any of your hobbies/occupation added to your cosplay?

I honestly don’t have any hobbies, I don’t have time them! But I would say that my main passion in life is gaming and that has definitely added to my love for cosplay. They go hand in hand!!

Do you make your outfits or do you have them commissioned?

I make most of it all myself. I think one of the most important parts of cosplay, to me, is the creation phase. You don’t know the how insanely amazing it feels to put on a costume for the first time after having spent hours sewing and crafting it. It’s so much more gratifying than just paying someone else to do all the hard parts.

What has been one of your favorite cosplays?

I have several favorites for different reasons. I love Cammy because she was one of my first. Kratos because he is the first guy character I ever did and that’s where I found my true love of cosplaying guy characters. Then Corvo from Dishonored and Dante from Devil May Cry because I adore their characters and even though they were two of my more challenging cosplays to create, I love them for the feels they give me when I wear them.


Do you ever cosplay with your friends/significant other?

Not really. I’ve been a part of a lot of group cosplays, and they always sound like an awesome idea at first…but they usually end with jealousy and hurt feelings. So, I stick to the solo thing mostly.

What has been one of the best benefits from doing cosplay?

One of the benefits has really been how much I’ve learned when creating costumes and armor. I love pushing myself and growing my abilities and learning new things. It keeps me busy and keeps me constantly pursuing new avenues of costume creation.

What would you say to someone who has never cosplayed but wants to?

Do it for you. Don’t compare yourself to anyone, and don’t let others compare you to others either. Cosplay isn’t about competition…I hate that everything we see on TV about cosplay it always competition based. Cosplay is about you taking your love for a character/movie/comic/anime and creating something from it. So who cares if your costume looks homemade or is being held together with Velcro…be proud of your work and have fun! If you are proud of what you’ve made and are having fun…then it will never get old!


What are your top three suggestions in regards to cosplay? 

The best advice I can give anyone looking to get into cosplay is: remember that your costume will always take you longer to make than you expect and it will always cost more than you budget for…but it will be so worth it when you’re done!

Have you personally ever experienced any negativity for doing a cosplay?

Oh yes, I’ve definitely received a very fair share of negative comments about my cosplay. But dwelling on the negative will only bring more negativity, so I try to stay focused on the positive.

Generally, the cosplay community is very supportive but it can also be very judgmental about people not looking like a character. Have you ever experienced anything like that?

I had a really hard time with this question, because I haven’t found the cosplay community to be very supportive at all. I’d say it’s a supportive community on the surface, but it’s actually pretty harsh. But for the accuracy question, there really isn’t that much pressure to be accurate anymore. Now it’s more about mash-ups, sexy versions, and artistic interpretations…which I honestly love! Especially now that cosplay is growing more and more each year, it’s fun to take a step out of the usual and give your favorite character a bit of a more personal spin.


What would you say to someone who is nervous to cosplay a character they look nothing like? 

I’d say, who cares! If you’re cosplaying for any other reason than for yourself, then you’ll never get the personal gratification and the high that cosplaying can offer. I’m a 5’1”, 100lbs bubbly blond girl…yet one of my favorite cosplays is of a giant, super muscular, bald angry dude! Just have fun!

Where can people find out more about you and your cosplays?

I got all those social medias!! My website is and then of course anyone can also find me here:

Zero Suit Samus

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