Thursday: Where I’ll Be AT SDCC

Many of you are asking me what panels I will be attending. Okay, nobody has actually asked that yet, but I am sure somebody will. So here is my next series, entitled “Where I Will Be.” If you are looking for something fun or creative that doesn’t involve waiting all day in line for Hall H or Ballroom 20, check out these fun panels

Jaws Will Drop, Sides Will Ache…Super Weird Heroes!

“A way-fun, LOL, multimedia show of the kookiest, kraziest, most bizarro leotard-clad bad-guy-bashers of the Golden Age of comic books! See the Hand, a giant hand! See Madam Fatale, the first cross-dressing superhero! See Kangaroo Man (Batman was taken)! See tons more nutty-cool heroes held up to reverence and ridicule! Based on the bestselling book Super Weird Heroes (and its upcoming sequel), this stand-up comedy presentation is by the former creative director of the Muppets, now the Eisner-winning editor of IDW and Yoe Books Craig Yoe. Twenty laugh-riot cosplay changes in all! Thursday  10-11a Room 28DE “

Weird super heroes mixed with comedy? Sign me up. I just want to see if Captain Boomerang makes an appearance.

The Writers Danger Room

“Young mutants come to Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters to learn how to control their mutant powers (and one day become X-Men). Much of their training takes place inside the school’s awesome “Danger Room,” a state-of-the-art gymnasium equipped with attack robots, trap doors, flying buzz saws, and anything else that’s needed to help each students hone their abilities and perfect their use. If you want to be an X-man, you have to train like one. Well, the same goes for writers. If you want to be one, you have to train like one, too. But how much time do you usually find at Comic-Con to sit down and actually practice your craft? In the Writer’s Danger Room, you’ll spend a solid hour doing short, powerful writing exercises that will test your talents, sharpen your skills, and push you past what you thought you could do. Corey Rothermel and Douglas Neff (co-authors of Epic Win!: The Geek’s Guide to the Journey from Fan to Creator) will facilitate this interactive workshop open to writers of all ages and skill levels, open to writers of all ages and skill levels. Bring a pencil and paper and your sense of adventure!  Thursday 12-2p Room – Santa Rosa Room, Marriot Marquis”

This is right (write?) up my ally. I love going to creative panels and have never attended this one. I will be there. Corey Rothermel and Douglas Neff are also the very same guys who bring you the greatness of the Creator’s Connect.

It’s A Funny Story…Writing Humor

“Everyone’s heard the saying, “Dying is easy-it’s comedy that’s hard.” The panelists discuss the challenges of creating humor that reaches an audience and how it can be used to temper serious tomes. Brendan Reichs (Nemesis) guides the conversation with Brandon Snider (What Would Captain Picard Do?), Fred Van Lente (Ten Dead Comedians), Liz Climo (You Don’t Want a Unicorn), Gini Koch (The Alien Series), and Gabe Hudson (Gork, the Teenage Dragon). 3-4p Horton Grand Theatre”

Seeing as how I am venturing out into comedy writing myself, these seems like a no brainer as well as being lots of fun!

So there you have it, my Thursday schedule. Let me know yours!

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