GeekChic Promotions Hosting DBZ Party at SDCC

What is GeekChic Promotions? 

GeekChic Promotions is a company owned by women with one goal: giving fans the opportunity to celebrate their fandom in very real world ways. We do event planning, event hosting, convention programming, production coordinating and also comic book consultation and custom comic creation and sponsorships. We’re a one-stop shop for all your nerdy needs!

You’re hosting a party at Comic-Con! How does that feel? 

It’s very exciting! All of us here at GCP have been attending SDCC as professionals for over 10 years; we’ve hosted panels, been on panels, managed booths on the show floor, and now we get to add “SDCC After Party” to the list!

And not only that, for one day only at Coffee & Art, we’ll be doing portfolio reviews for a special talent contest that we’re hosting. We’ve teamed up with Aspen Comics for this, and the winning artist will get to draw the cover for one of their titles.

When and where is your event? 

The party is on Friday, July 21st at McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon on 5th Avenue. It’s all-ages from 7pm to 9pm, and then 21+ from 9pm to whenever!

The portfolio review is on Saturday, July 22nd, from 1pm – 4pm at Coffee & Art on 6th Avenue.

What is the theme? 

This party is all about Dragon Ball Z. So if you’re a fan of DBZ, or Anime, you should definitely be there and feel free to rock your favorite cosplay, or just come for the fun. We’ll have DBZ Jenga Trivia, the opportunity to “power up” and reach Free Drink Level with DBZ-themed drinks, and of course amazing pop culture tunes being spun, with raffles, swag bags and t-shirts available!

You are going to have special guests. Who are they?

We’ll have Tyler Tackett and RuthAnn Thompson, who play Android 17 and Bulma from the hit webseries “DBZ: Light of Hope”, as well as the webseries creators Rita and Donnie McMillan.  We’ll have Dani Fernandez and Ify Nwadiwe from the hit DBZ podcast “Krillin It”, we’ll have Nerd Out App Brand Ambassadors Katie Scarlett and Alston Stephanus in their best DBZ cosplay and the Sneaky Zebra guys filming all of it! Not to mention the amazing Marky Make Up doing airbrushing and face painting and DJ Nick at Nite bringing it all together.


How much are tickets and where can people purchase them?

There are 3 levels of ticket prices. $15 gets you into the party and a custom airbrushed DBZ tattoo by Marky Make Up, and an autographed picture from the cast of “DBZ: Light of Hope”. $20 gets you the same, but also a swag bag filled with goodies. $25 gets you both of those, plus our amazing commemorative t-shirt. You can purchase tickets through Eventbrite at


Where can people find more information?

Like us on Facebook! The event is listed: We’re also announcing guests via Instagram: @geekchic_promos and Twitter: @geekchicpromos.


One thought on “GeekChic Promotions Hosting DBZ Party at SDCC

  1. I had bought two of the level 3 tickets and I attended the dragon Ball z party at mc faddens in San Diego for comic Con 2017 but my tee shirts were not dragon Ball z what so ever I thought that was pretty lame!!!

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