The Tick Comes To SDCC! Spoon!

As first reported by Deadline everyone’s favorite Tick coming to live Amazon (well that we know) but what’s new is that there will be a huge interactive experience. On corner of San Diego’s 1st and J Street, there will be a multi-room (featuring the warehouse and other show locations), multi-experience scene featured the head of our favorite blue hero in 20 foot animatronic form which fans will be control, showing the range of his antennas’ emotions. In addition there will be an Amazon Prime Member Lounge that will be showing the pilot.

This is something I hope runs 24 hours a day because crime never sleeps chum!

This announcement also reconfirms that there will be a The Tick panel at SDCC.

Both make sure to stop by and to quote The Tick: “Honk if you love justice!”

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