Game of Thrones: The Musical- Part Two

Last week I shared Part One of my interview with Steven Christopher Parker and Steven Brandon, creators of Game of Thrones: The Musical. This week we touch on a few more things you can expect to see in the musical and what house they’d each be in if they were part of GoT.


Are you pairing with any other Game of Thrones events during the week of SDCC?

SCP: So we’re partnered up with a couple of people. We’re partnered up with An Englishman In San Diego who has a wonderful online blog presence about San Diego and Comic Con. We also partnered up with Team Epic Cosplay.

SB: They’re having a Game of Thrones party on Saturday night. There’s a big boat that will be in the harbor near the convention center and I think we may be doing a concert version of the show on Saturday night on their boat. We’ve also teamed up with The Wayne Foundation, which is Kevin Smith’s charity against sex trafficking, and we’ll be donating five percent of all ticket sales to that charity. We’re also going to be a part of the Golden Apple Comics Booth inside the convention center. We’ll be there in costume. You can meet the cast and purchase tickets or pick up your tickets at the Golden Apple Comics Booth inside the convention center.

Game of Thrones has a huge ensemble cast. How many characters do each of your actors play?

SCP: It varies. We have one actor who in the first scene he’s Hodor, in the fourth scene he’s Robert Baratheon, in the sixth scene he’s Samwell, and in the ninth scene he’s a Dothraki warrior, so there’s some crossover and doubling up. We actually poke fun of that in the show. Tyrion plays a squire, and so everyone jokes about how we’re all doubling up because the show is way too big for us, and things like that.

SB: One of the actors plays Bran, then he plays Joffrey, and then he plays Viserys, which you remember is Khaleesi’s brother. So, yeah, half of the characters stay the same and half of them double up.

I’m not even sure if I should ask this, but do you have any younger cast members? In the first season there were a lot of kids…

SCP: No. They’re all played by people in their twenties. We’re not casting kids in these roles. Theatre has such a suspension of disbelief where you can watch a twenty-two year old playing a twelve year old and kind of believe it. You know?

I just thought I’d double check. I didn’t see anyone on the website who looked like a child, but…

SCP: We’re irreverent, but we’re not THAT irreverent!

SB: When we did Lost: The Musical, the part of Walt was played by a puppet. Just like in the tv show, he grew up and we didn’t want to deal with kids either.

SCP: Yeah. Kids in this production and just in theatre in general…they say “never work with animals and never work with kids.” The direwolves and the kids are all played by adults.

SB: We do have a tap dancing direwolf. Don’t forget to mention the tap dancing direwolf.

UMM, THAT is exciting!! Do we get to see dragons in this show?

SCP: Near the end of the show…

SB: Let’s just say there are dragons.

SCP: We have dragons and they may or may not be the most exciting thing in the show.

SB: You have to buy your tickets to see if there are dragons, but it’s worth it.

SCP: The dragon scene is definitely worth your time.

Now I have a couple of random questions. Who is your favorite character and who do you love to hate?

SCP: Oooh that’s a good one.

SB: I love the Hound and I love Brienne of Tarth. I love their stuff. And I probably love to hate Jaime, because I love him and I hate him.

The Hound has a really great character arc.

SCP: Oh, absolutely. I’m a purist of Game of Thrones, so in the book, Beware of spoilers!! the Hound is dead. Arya killed him flat out. So in the book he’s gone, which is hilarious to me that in the tv show he’s such a huge character. That’s something that I have problems with. For me, my favorite characters are Samwell Tarly and Podrick Payne. I think they’re such underrated characters. They are the heart and soul of the goodness of Game of Thrones.

SB: Incidentally, those are the characters that Steven would be cast as if he was going to be on Game of Thrones. He would be one of those two characters.

SCP: That’s true!

 I do love Samwell!

 SCP: Yeah, he’s kind of amazing. And he’s done the most damage to the evil White Walkers than anybody on the show, really.

 And yet, he’s still a sweet guy.

 SCP: Yeah, he’s just a content, normal guy, AND he’s one of the only characters to have a Valyrian steel sword, so he’s going to be important in later seasons, I predict.

But the character I love to hate would be Cersei. She’s just the evil queen, how could you not love to hate her?

I agree completely. Ok, lastly, what house would you be in if you were in the show?

SCP: Oh, I’d be a Stark, hands down. I’m a Stark. I’m right in the gang of the Starks in the betrayal and the love and the purity and the North. I’d probably be Bran if I was anybody.

SB: The most likely to injure themselves.

SCP: Yeah, I’m most likely to injure myself and spend the rest of the season in a wheelchair.

SB: I’m quite devilish and quite naughty, and I get what I want, so I’m definitely a Lannister.

Oooooh! HAHAHA! Bonus points for using the word “naughty”.
Well, I think I have everything I need. Thank you guys for taking the time to speak with me. I can’t wait to see the show!TargaryenHouse

 If you haven’t already, I encourage you to head over to their website and order your tickets for the show. It has everything you could possibly want! Where else can you find comedy, singing, dancing, incest, dragons, and direwolves?! I can tell you now that you’ll want to see them at the Tenth Avenue Arts Center in San Diego. Shows are July 20-22nd at 6 and 9 PM, with an additional midnight show on Friday the 21st, plus a 1PM matinee on Sunday, July 23rd. Order your tickets online, or stop and grab one at the Golden Apple Comics Booth #1806 during SDCC after you visit with the cast and both Stevens. Comment below with questions or comments, or tweet me at @amlehr.

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