My Tribute To Adam West

I am getting old. I know this for several reasons, but one of the biggest reasons I know is that all my childhood film and TV heroes are passing away. For film, it is names like Roger Moore and Carrie Fisher. For TV, it’s names like Don Adam’s (Get Smart) or Bob Denver (Gilligan’s Island). However, despite these losses there was always one name that stood above the rest in my childhood memories. One name that inspired me like no others. That name was Adam West and on Saturday the 9th of June he passed away at the age of 88.

For you young’uns, Adam West was Batman. Not just a Batman, but the Batman of our youths, on the 1960’s television show by the same name. I remember every day coming home from school, rushing to turn on the TV and catch the reruns of this great show. Everyday gave us an exciting dose of Bang! Pow! and Boom! as the caped crusader saved Gotham from the likes of the Joker, Penguin, Riddler and even such rarities as the Mad Hatter or Simon the Pieman.

I never met West but I have seen him in the autograph section at San Diego Comic-Con, and even after all these years there was always a huge line to see him. From what I observed of him he always seems kind and gracious to his fans, like he really understood the amount of influence his show had us as kids. He was the Batman we knew and loved and now he is gone.

So here’s to you Adam West. We remember you well. May your cape always fly and I like to think somewhere in the great beyond there is a giant spotlight with a bat symbol shining, calling you on to a better place. You will be missed.



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