Elfquest: Countdown to Final Quest at SDCC

Elfquest is one of true amazing creations in comics. A part of the indie comics started in the 1978 it has been running for almost forty years and the Final Quest is part of the planned conclusion (a true rarity in pop culture).

Many people know of Elfquest and it’s legacy. It was the introduction to comics for a lot of people because Elfquest could be found in libraries.

There will be a panel about the countdown to the Final Quest with creators Wendy and Richard Pini.

In an exciting announcement the below panel was announced:

Saturday, July 22, 7:00-8:00 pm ELFQUEST: COUNTDOWN TO FINAL QUEST – Wendy Pini (the Complete Elfquest series, Elfquest: Final Quest) and Richard Pini (the Complete Elfquest series, Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini) will talk about Elfquest’s 40-year journey from home-brew indy comic begun in 1978 to the epic wrap-up planned for 2018. There will be teasers galore! Wendy and Richard will also participate in a freewheeling Q&A session moderated by David Mizejewski (co-producer of the Elfquest podcast series). Room 5AB

This will be an exciting panel full of comics history, the journey of a beloved property with its very awesome creators, and celebrations of fandom. This is a must attend event.

To catch up on Elfquest (and you should) all the past issues prior to 2013 are available to read free legally on the Elfquest website.

Signings with Wendy and Richard will be announced at later time.

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