GeekChic Lassos Major DC Talent at Wonder Woman Fan Event

To celebrate the release of Wonder Woman, GeekChic Promotions hosted a Wonder Woman themed event at Hi De Ho Comics in Santa Monica on Wednesday night. It was a fun gathering of comic book and Wonder Woman fans alike. There was a DJ spinning female artist songs, a spray tattoo artist, a panel discussion, delicious treats made by Kneady Bakery and the President of GeekChic Promotions poured themed drinks.

I spoke to CEO of GeekChic Promotions, Kris Simon, about the event and her thoughts on Wonder Woman.


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What was the inspiration for the event?
The inspiration for the event was not only to celebrate the first female superhero movie, but also to remember the history and longevity of the Wonder Woman character, which celebrated 75 years last year.

What were some of the hightlights from the evening for you?
I loved having Marky Make Up there to airbrush Wonder Woman artwork on people. He was amazing! Also, we had a really interesting live podcast about Wonder Woman called “I’d Think You’d Be Into It” hosted by our 3rd GeekChic partner, Beth Scorzato, and that was incredibly engaging. And we do have to give a special mention to our DJ, DJ Nick at Nite who created a playlist of all female artists and sprinkled in the theme song to the Justice League animated series, which guests went crazy over.



Special guest panelists, Kris Simon with Marky Make Up, and RuthAnn Thompson and Rachel Litfin

Why do you think it is important to have a Wonder Woman event?
Having this Wonder Woman event was important to us because we’re a female-owned company that creates pop culture events. We work very hard to give fans opportunities to celebrate their fandom, and this was an opportunity for us to tie in the significance of the Wonder Woman movie to our company…which is strong women kicking butt! We wanted to show our support and love for Wonder Woman in the best way we know how…by throwing a fan celebration!


RuthAnn Thompson, Kris Simon, Beth Scorzato, Michelle Jenson (Nerd Out App), Kari Lane

What does Wonder Woman mean to you?
Wonder Woman is feminism to us. We’ve seen male superheroes dominating the scene for a very long time, and not only is she capable of taking care of business on her own, but she is gorgeous and not a man-hater. She represents equality in the best way.

You had special guests! Tell me about them.
We hosted a variety of guests that represented Wonder Woman in different aspects! We had the team from the comic book “Wonder Woman ’77”, Marc Andreyko, Matt Haley and Drew Johnson. We also had the voice of Wonder Woman from the animated Justice League series, Susan Eisenberg. And we had our favorite Wonder Woman cosplayer, Rachel Litfin who is also a young adult author. It was such a good mix of guests and everyone was so engaged!


I so happy to chat with Susan Eisenberg

What’s next for GeekChic Promotions?
GeekChic Promotions will be hosting its next event at San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 21st at McFadden’s on 5th avenue at 7pm. It’s a Dragon Ball Z fan party with the cast of the hit webseries DBZ: Light of Hope. We’ll have Marky Make Up airbrushing there again with some custom DBZ stencils, DJ Nick at Nite is already working on his playlist, and we’ll have trivia, games and of course lots of swag!

Where can people find out more about your company?
You can read more about us on our website,, or like our Facebook page, We’re also on Instagram at geekchic_promos and on Twitter @GeekChicPromos.


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