Three Examples of the Best Programming at SDCC You Should Know

Some of the best programming at SDCC isn’t always the biggest. Hall H has some of the biggest spectacle to be seen at SDCC with the trailers, appearances from actors, and more and this is all amazing fun. Though there are tracks and events that are some really fun and in some cases very interactive events.

I’ll highlight three here: The Comics Arts Conference, The Eisners, and the Panels from Warner Archive.

If you have watched the documentary Batman & Bill on Hulu (and if you haven’t you should) you might wonder where some of these discussions start about people who have created, made important contributions, and other things for the characters we know and in many cases now are getting major movies and series. In others there can be discussion of what makes them iconic. These usually occur in the track known as the Comics Arts Conference of SDCC.

There are always engaging and fascinating topics at the Comics Arts Conference, just watch these two examples
The Joker: Serious Study of the Clown Prince of Crime: Comics Arts Conference #1 at SDCC 2016

Before the documentary there was this discussion (and others like it):
Who Created Batman?: Comics Arts Conference Session #8

Each year the topics and presentations are always something engaging with surprising commentary and insights. There’s plenty to enjoy some laughs to be had, and some very special guests.
This year promises to have some great presentations.

The Eisner Awards
One of the central awards for SDCC and all of pop culture is the Eisner Awards. This event honors the current comics and also has awards for many who have contributed to comics. The awards also has many presenters including multiple media stars with John Barrowman leading the 2016 awards with multiple cosplays

While people might think this is only open to industry it is actually open to all who have an SDCC badge. Seeing the awards in person is something everyone who loves SDCC should do at least once. It does have a different from pretty much every other event at SDCC. As it as an awards presentation it has an awards feel. The hosts are always charming full of wit, and the various presenters add to this.

You can see comics and art that is best of the year and in many cases will be a part of everything discussed the next day and throughout news sites.

You can also learn about people who might not get a lot of news coverage such as with The Bob Clampett Humanitarian Award. This award was created to honor those people in comics and the popular arts who have worked to help others.

It’s a wonderful thing to attend and it can be quite fun. Currently the event is not livestreamed which is the only thing I would change. This is so people from around the world can watch it live.

Panels from Warner Archive

Another group who hosts some of the best panels is Warner Archive. Warner Archive is usually responsible for the releases of the DC Animated series and movies current and past.

Hosted by Gary Mireanu (@SuperPRGuy), Matthew Patterson and DW Ferranti these panels contain great information, tons of fun prizes, special guests, and the ever-loved Toonstock.

Warner Archive has hosted panels about “A Batman for All Seasons”

Justice League vs. Young Justice at Wondercon 2016

Among others, so these panels will give you an insight of the awesome.

Now Toonstock is a truly interactive event with combines music, special guests, audience participation, and more. Inspired by the classic Batman: The Brave and Bold, Mayhem of the Music Meister! special guests and audience members sing this song and others in a fun and spirited environment.

Now this is an experience to experience firsthand, you can sing with Green Arrow, Black Canary, and all sorts of funny things happen. Everyone should do this at least once. There are also rumors of another Toonstock appearance at an offsite event.

These set of three are some of my favorites? What are yours? When the schedule comes out I’ll give my panel recommendations.

3 thoughts on “Three Examples of the Best Programming at SDCC You Should Know

  1. We always like the music panels. Music as a Character and the Music of the Movies (or some title similar to that). We will investigate these though.

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