Comic-Con Exclusives From Factory Entertainment

One of the coolest things about the SDCC is that you get the chance to load up some pretty cool exclusive stuff, you know, to make your friends jealous and what knot. Since the great Con is just a month and a half away (wow), manufacturers and publishers are beginning to show off their exclusives  and we have got you covered. The good folks at Factory Entertainment have started releasing their SDCC line up and what we’ve seen so far is way cool.  Just check out their Justice League and Marvel line up so far.



Yep, it’s Cyborg and Black Panther. Two characters who do not get enough love. So if you do love these characters don’t miss out on these exclusives. Each figure is a reasonable $40 dollars and pre-orders are available for pickup at SDCC.  Stayed tuned to factory entertainment as they will be revealing even more SDCC exclusives in the next few weeks


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