Summer Is Coming…

Summer is coming…and for those of us in the Midwest, that means one thing: BBQ season. We’ve been cooped up in our homes for far too long and need to get some sunshine and fresh air. I have comprised a list of some items that will help make your BBQs this year to be the very best yet!

If you don’t already have a grill, that’s going to be a pretty important item. Box Lunch has an awesome Suck UK Red Toolbox BBQ. The grill space is 8 x 15 inches, and even includes a warming rack and a storage area. This item is adorable and folds up nicely for when you might need something portable. From backyard to beach, this is the perfect little grill for a geek.

While you’re preparing your food, you’re going to need a few different types of things. First, you’ll want to keep your clothes from getting soiled, and who knows more about that than Dexter? At the Showtime Store, you can purchase a vinyl Dexter apron (with a little blood spatter included) for $29.95.

Another important item is a good cutting board and Silhouette Sensations has some gorgeous and hysterical wooden cutting boards on his Etsy site. My personal favorite is the one that reads “Terminus- We’d love to have you for dinner.” That particular board is $25.00, but there different boards ranging from $19 to $28.80.

If you plan on having shredded meats like pulled pork, make sure you grab a pair of exclusive Slash and Serve Shredded Meat Claws from Think Geek. You’ll be able to prepare a meal and do your very best Wolverine impression at the same time. Just make sure not to use them as toys, okay? $19.99 is inexpensive for the set of claws, but since we lack regenerative healing powers, I’d hate for anyone to add to that cost by having to include a doctor visit. Dinner is served, Bub.

A grill-master needs the correct tools, and there are plenty of nerdy ones out there. Head to Box Lunch and you’ll find an exclusive Bob’s Burgers Spatula Set. One spatula is metal and the other is plastic, but they both feature Bob’s Burger designs on both the handle and blade. The set is currently selling for $19.90.

If your BBQ will include hot dogs, or maybe some grilled vegetables, BBQ tongs are a good tool to have on hand. Another great tool to have on hand is a Sonic Screwdriver, and how lucky are we that we live in a time where you can have both at once?! For only $29.98 on Amazon, you can purchase the Eleventh Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver. Remove the end of it, and suddenly it is transformed into BBQ tongs. It even has awesome sound effects! These tongs are super cute and a “must have” item.

But wait, I haven’t even covered drinks! Grab a set of 4 Star Trek Quotes Pint Glasses from Amazon for $24.95, and keep your beverage cool on multiple levels with the Batman symbol ice cubes you made yourself. You can find Batman symbol ice molds through Superhero Stuff for $12.99. If your party features bottled beverages, don’t forget your bottle opener. AleHorn has a lovely “Hand of the King” inspired bottle opener for $15.99 that would please any Game of Thrones fan.

Lastly, each party is going to need some seating and some music. Purchase a sweet Nintendo inspired Bluetooth Speaker from The cursor on the top actually functions, and includes power button, play/pause, and volume control. And, while this next item isn’t currently in stock, I am still going to include it, because I’m in love with it. Go to and you can sign up for an in stock alert for a Marvel Vintage Comics Adult Folding chair. I’ve already done just that. It is currently listed at $45.

Hopefully this list will help you get all the things you need for a “super” BBQ. If you have any additions to my items or want to send pics of any you might already own, feel free to comment below or tweet me at @amlehr.


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