RIP Nerd HQ at Comic-Con

A staple at San Diego Comic-Con for the past handful of years, Nerd HQ as we know it has come to an end. As offsite SDCC events have proliferated, Zach Levi’s celebrity/fan hang out has been the default location for fans. In fact, many still went to San Diego without a Comic-con badge just for Nerd HQ. Offering panels, gaming demos, parties and more, Nerd HQ has personally brought a lot of fun memories for me and my ‘CONtourage’ ever since its inception. Zachary and team, thanks for everything you have given to the Comic-Con community and Operation Smile- you will be missed.

3 thoughts on “RIP Nerd HQ at Comic-Con

  1. I am not surprised. Last year almost didn’t happen if I recall. I can’t imagine all the work and all the things that have to come together to pull off Nerd HQ. Timing, location, talent, money: all things in great demand during SDCC. At least it will be one less thing for me to be sad about missing while there 🙂 Hopefully they can come back in the future in some form but until then I will have my fond memories of spending time at Nerd HQ and with Zach.

    • Yea the handwriting was on the wall the past couple of years. I believe it’s been harder and harder to pull off the event. Each year there have been more offsite events so I think it was a matter of time. It was too big to last. But it was fun while it lasted and many good memories.

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