Funko Funday Tickets

Good news fellow Funko fans! If you are lucky enough to have an SDCC badge, or happen to be in the San Diego area on Friday July 21st you might want to strongly consider attending Funko Fundays. Yesterday Funko announced tickets will go on sale this Wednesday, May 17th at 10:00am Pacific time. This is a very popular event that Funko puts on every year during SDCC. If you think getting SDCC badges and hotel rooms are hard to obtain, you haven’t seen anything yet. Last year Funday tickets sold out in under one minute! Funko is promising a bigger and better event with prizes and contests. I was fortunate to attend the last two Fundays and I must admit there is nothing quite like it. 

Everyone in attendance gets a “box of fun” upon entry which usually consists of three POP figures that can only be obtained by attending this celebration. These POPs are highly sought after and demand a high price on the secondary market. Last year everyone was broken up into a total of four teams and we competed for prizes several times throughout the event. At the very least you will leave with your box of fun but possibly much more. Ticket prices for Fundays are not cheap at $140.00 per ticket + $8.69 fee, but in my opinion it is more than worth it. To keep it fair you can only purchase a maximum of two tickets. For more info regarding the upcoming Funday ticket sale visit

Are you going to try and attend Fundays this year? I know I will! Follow me on twitter @darthmaul1309

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