Game of Thrones Live – My Night in Westeros


On Friday night the world of Westeros came to Seattle, in one of the final shows of the HBO and Live Nation presents: Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience tour made its stop in the Key Arena. The show was conceived from series composer Ramin Djawadi.

I went into this concert not fully knowing what to expect but, also super excited based on previews from I had seen like from YouTube shows like The Last Harpy . When I first arrived I along with the other GoT fans I was treated with replicas of costumes from the show and The Iron Throne itself in the lobby of Key Arena.

When you first enter the seating arena and see the massive LED screens some are flat & some are shaped in layers of massive cylinders with screens hanging from the ceiling. The show’s expanssive 360-degree set is alot to take in. From the main stage where the 80 piece orchestra & Djawadi  perform, to one of the solo stages solo violinist Christine Wu or Solo Cellist Cameron Stone plays. I cannot forget about the Stage that Solo Vocalist Stevvie Alexander walks out too.

It’s time for the show to start, the lights go out and you hear Cersei Lannister (Lena Headey) Westeros’ new queen welcomed her subjects to the concert by issuing a decree that cell phones must be silenced — unless attendees wished to be “boiled alive in the blood of their children.”

Violins begin the concert with the iconic opening theme of “Game of Thrones.” Smoke & sparks rise from the center of stage as if something is being constructed below the stage, _DSC0260 The Iron Throne then rose from beneath the stage umungst a cloud of smoke. The giant screens synced with the orchestra’s performance while they played the “Game of Thrones” title sequence. All The Houses are being represented during the opening sequence all with video montages, and with the final note I had been wisked away into the world of Westeros!

Ramin Djawadi then wanted to introduce his team that travels with him who are all of the solo musicians of the show: Christine_DSC0384 Wu- Violin @xtinewu , Stevvie Alexander- Vocalist @stevvi , Cameron Stone- Cellist , Pedro Eustache- Flutist , Alan Lightner- Pan Dulce/ Steel Drum , Davey Chegwidden , The choir and orchestra are local Seattle groups.

The next two hours of the show was filled with some of  the most awesome special and practical F/X. Also, some of the biggest moments from season 1-6 are also represented both thru video packages as well as thru the beautiful and powerful score of the Game of Thrones series. So many memorable moments from  Ned Starks execution to the closing moments of season 6 with Daenerys Targaryen crossing the Narrow Sea with her Armada.

Even though I truly love those moments from the show for me it was about the music and the performance from artist is what this show was really about, everything else was just the icing on the cake. I would like to just go over a few of some of the major Highlights of the show that just wowed me.

  • Christine Wu plays her violin as the screens encompass her and turns into the Scared Northern Wierward Tree until leaves start to fall off the tree representing Winter is Coming! ( they drop confetti leaves from the ceiling )
  • Stevvi Alexander  walked the length of the stage, in a peach dress, mimicking Cersei Lannister’s _DSC0667nude walk of shame During a performance of “The Rains of Castamere.”
  • Ramin Djawadi plays the Hammered Dulcimer to perform “Needle” Arya’s theme
  • One of the best highlights was “Light of the Seven” which built from a beautiful haunting piano track into a pulsing green lights and smoke as the stage flooded with green flames & pyrotechnics, representing the “wildfire” that incinerated the Great Sept of Baelor.

Djawadi closed the show with a medley of “Winter Has Come” and “Winds of Winter,” depicting the final moments of last season. So as I left I felt this was the closest I will ever get to really ever getting to Westeros and the World of Game of Thrones and I was so lucky to be able to see this show. I truly hope they come out with a live Blu-Ray so people who were not able to score ticket to the show will be able to experience this wonderful world.


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If your a fellow GoT fan and you saw the concert or you just want to leave your thoughts about the upcoming season of Game of Thrones do so below!!!

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