Disney Releases More Info On Star Wars Land

Disneyland and Star Wars, how do make these to pop culture icons even more awesome? Well, you can start by combining them into one epic park, which of course, this is exactly what Disney is doing. The geek world has known about this for quite some time but in the last few days Disney has opened more about their galactic plans.

This little corner of the galaxy will be placed somewhere on the outer rim, lying on the edge of the great unknown. Or as Disney’s blog likes to put it…

“This remote village was once a busy crossroads along the sub-lightspeed trade routes, but the prominence of the outpost has been bypassed by with the rise of hyperspace travel.”

The idea is that this is a place where the unrulier side of the galaxy can safely hide out. The kind of place smugglers, bounty hunters, black market dealers and other rogue elements can make their home.  However, it gets far more interesting than that. Sure, you can just go check out the sites if that is all you want but it takes a lot to impress us Star Wars fans and Disney is looking to deliver. They go on to say it will be very interactive and even hinted at the possibility of getting into some serious Star Wars roll playing! As one Disney spokesman went on to explain.

“There are going to be tons of opportunities to help out and support the Resistance (if you really want to), lots of smugglers and bounty hunters who are looking for a little bit of help and might be able to offer you up a side job, and for those of you who are interested in supporting The First Order (that’s more like it…) that will absolutely be an opportunity as well.”

Apparently if you work hard enough, you can even build your own reputation in the Star Wars universe. They also released some concept art images just to get us drooling.

Does this sound awesome and mind-blowing? Absolutely. Does this make me glad I live about 25 minutes down the five from Anaheim Disney? Totally. Does this mean they will let Bubba Fett, the most infamous redneck in the galaxy, make a name for himself there? I hope so, I really, really, hope so.

Regardless, knowing what Disney is capable of this is bound to be epic. I can easily see myself going to Disneyland and spending my entire time in Star Wars Land alone. So move over It’s A Small World, it’s a big galaxy and we don’t need your ilk here. We got droids, Jawa’s and stormtroopers to keep us entertained. Oh, and may the force be with you, whichever side you choose.

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