My Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Films

Summer is a great time for movie releases and this year we’ll have plenty to pick from. Here are my top five picks for this year’s summer films in order of release date.

  1. GotG2Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (5/5)

Nerds everywhere have been anticipating this movie since SDCC 2014 and we are finally just two weeks away! In the second Guardians installment, the team works on sticking together as they travel the galaxy and help Peter find out more about his parentage. The film is set only two months after the original, which places the events prior to Captain America: Civil War. P.S. Make sure you stay for all FIVE post credit scenes!


  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (5/12)KA

Here is yet another spin on a classic story. Initially I was turned off by that fact. I felt like different versions of King Arthur have been told for long enough, but then I was actually quite captivated by the previews. In this version, Arthur is royalty at birth. His father is the king, but is murdered when Arthur is just a boy. Arthur’s uncle, Vortigern, takes the throne and Arthur’s birthright, leaving him to grow up in less than ideal circumstances. When Arthur finally pulls the sword from the stone, his whole life is changed, and he must come to terms with the man he was born to be.


  1. spSpider-Man: Homecoming (7/7)

This may be the biggest film of the summer for me. We’ve gotten several Spider-Man movies in my lifetime, but I’m not sure that any of them quite hit the mark. Now that the MCU can release a Spider-Man film, I’m praying that we get the movie we’ve all been hoping for. Peter Parker is finally a young guy and I think that that we’ll get to see the joys and the angst that go along with being a high school student. Add to that the pressures of being mentored by a billionaire who acts like a child himself, and I’d say you’ve got the makings of an interesting storyline.


  1. War for the Planet of the Apes (7/14)WPA

Planet of the Apes is a film series that I cherish. While I’m partial to the original films, the latest film from the rebooted series looks quite good. I think the reason that these movies remain relevant is the fact that they tackle some serious race issues that, sadly, our society still seems to have trouble with.

The apes and the humans are in the middle of a terrible war, and the apes are suffering serious losses. Meanwhile, the leader of the apes wages his own inner war and begins his quest for vengeance. The ape and human leaders go toe to toe in a battle that will determine the outcome for both of their species.


  1. ValValerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (7/21)

This is a movie that I didn’t know much about until fairly recently, but I am now totally psyched for it. The movie is set in the 28th century where a team of special operatives (Valerian and Laureline) maintains order in the human territories. The minister of defense sends them on a mission to the city of Alpha, where species of all kinds gather to share knowledge. Someone is threatening the existence of this peaceful society and it is up to Valerian and Laureline to find the threat and save the city. The previews for this movie are stunning. It is obvious that Luc Besson directs it, as it seems to have a feel much like The Fifth Element.


Which films are you most excited for this summer? Have I left out your top picks? Comment below or tweet me at @amlehr to share your list!







6 thoughts on “My Top 5 Most Anticipated Summer Films

  1. Definitely Guardians but also Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan – I am a sucker for anything involving military history!

  2. Definitely Guardians 2! I knew nothing about them when I saw 1 and I absolutely loved it. Can only expect the same for 2 🙂

  3. Definitely agree with Guardians 2 and I think Valerian is going to be the dark horse movie of the summer. I’d also add Wonder Woman to the list even though DC has gotten our hopes up and let us down many times.

    • I hope Valerian does well. The Fifth Element is a cult classic, so it would be cool to see this become one for the next generation.

      I can’t seem to get my hopes up with WW. If it’s good it will be a pleasant surprise, but DC has just hurt me too many times. 😝

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