Review of Super Power Beat Down Episode 21: Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099


From the creators of Wolverine vs Predator, White Ranger vs Scorpion, and Batman vs Darth Vader, comes Bat In The Sun’s newest episode of Super Power Beat Down: Batman Beyond vs. Spider-Man 2099.

If you’re not familiar with this series, it puts two superheroes up against each other in a legendary battle. Online voting and polls taken at conventions determine the result of each fight. Thankfully, if you happen to side with the loser, the public is usually gifted an alternate ending at a later date.


Before we even get to this beat down, let’s discuss the absolutely sidesplitting debate between Damian Beurer and Andy Leigl. These guys are hilarious and know their stuff. They both brought up very valid points, but I’m team Marvel and have to side with Damian on this one. It seems to me that an actual superhero with claws and fangs is going to do more significant damage than a young kid who has some gadgets on a suit, and a geriatric Bruce Wayne on speed dial. Sorry kids, you can debate with me in the comment section.

I must admit I was a little disappointed that this was an animated episode. I’m a bit partial to the live action stuff. There’s something so fun about seeing actors on location somewhere just doing their thing while sporting some kick butt costumes. That being said, this episode was still terrific. It had a lot of elements that would have been far too difficult as live action. The animation and music were both excellent. So, while I might have preferred a live action episode, I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out and completely agree with the decision to have this episode be animated. Wait. Who am I kidding? It really wasn’t THAT surprising. These guys work hard and ALWAYS put out a great product.

Now, I’m not going to tell you how the polling turned out, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself. I will tell you, however, that the numbers were close…far closer than I would have thought, and close numbers make for more interesting fights.

BB vs SM2099

Click here to watch Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099. Make sure you subscribe to the Bat In The Sun YouTube page so that you can keep up with all the episodes of Super Power Beat Down, and don’t forget to vote for the winner of the next episode: Star Lord vs Boba Fett.

Comment below or tweet me at @amlehr to share who YOU think would win in this fight. Also, let me know who you’d like to see go head to head in an epic battle.

3 thoughts on “Review of Super Power Beat Down Episode 21: Batman Beyond vs Spider-Man 2099

  1. I had never heard of this topic until this post. It is also not something I normally would check out but your write up has me curious.

    • Wonderful! That’s exactly why we do this! I hope you have the chance to check out some of their videos. Let me know what you think!

      • The guys are definitely funny.
        The video very much reminded me of Mortal Combat made with Plotagon 🙂
        I love the idea of people voting and then the video being made from the vote and the viewer not knowing the winner until the end of the video. Very cool idea.
        I also saw the “trailer” for Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine and I thought it was funny that it was more violent in live action than the animated. You would think the animated would go all out but since I am not crazy about violence I appreciated this animated fight 😉

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