Wondercon: Panels For Creators

Wondercon is this week and not far behind it is San Diego Comic-Con! I know it seems far away but I promise you it will be here before you know it.  Which, of course, brings up the possibility of attending panels. It is easy to get lost in the mix of TV, movies and the infamous Hall H, however, if you are a creator of any type then there are some panels that you absolutely should not miss. Here are a two.

Writing 101 – The great Marv Wolfman shares insights into the creative writing process. This is a great writing panel as you learn a lot about plot, character development, dialogue and story arcs. Marv is an Eisner Hall of Fame winner and a fascinating guy to listen to with years of experience. If you are an aspiring writer this is a great panel for you. He does this at both Wondercon and San Diego Comic-Con. It is hard to gauge how long the Wondercon line will be but give yourself plenty of time if you want to get in. Writing 101 is Friday at 4:00 in room 210.

Comic Book Law School – Attorney Michael L. Lovitz gives an entertaining presentation on how exactly do you navigate the legal field of working with another creator. He goes over the basics of copyright law as well as what to look for in a contract, both with other creators as well as with publishers.  The whole legal side of things can be a bit overwhelming, what with “work for hire” contracts, agents, artists and publishers. Lovitz breaks it all down into very simple and understandable terms and he gives out some incredibly useful hand-outs as well. If you are a creator looking to get published this panel is a must see. At Wondercon he usually does one all-inclusive panel however at San Diego Comic-Con he does three panels each going in-depth on different topics. The Comic Book Law School is Friday at 5:30 in room 210 (right after Writing 101).

So there you have it! Two creative panels I highly recommend. Hope to see you there.

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