The #MTTU as learned from PAX East 2017 live video from PAX2 on

There will be the Marvel Telltale Universe according to Bill Rosemann‏ (Executive Creative Director for Marvel Games) as denoted by the hashtag #mttu which was introduced in the panel. At PAX East 2017 two weeks ago. The MTTU will not be a part of any of the current Marvel Universes most notable the MCU. It will be its own.

Now many people knew about the Guardians Game for Telltale for quite some time for the concept of a Marvel Telltale Universe is particularly fascinating.
As we know Marvel (and DC) do a lot of universe building and a particular property usually serves as an entry point for new fans and current fans to become a part of the universe. Which is then expanded in further seasons, series, and in this case games.

More fans are introduced to the properties through other media than the comics such as TV, movies, and video games. With the MCU we were introduced to the connected universe shown through multiple properties (at least for Marvel) whereas each from Marvel tended to be disconnected until Iron Man. This is something that has continued with many Marvel properties now at least being a part of the same universe across mediums, movies, TV, and Netflix.

This might be a first for games where what occurs in one game will connect to the other games and will exciting for this aspect. A connected Marvel TellTale Universe. I’m excited.

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