Tangled: Before Ever After



GUYS! Last Friday was the BEST. DAY. EVER! Okay, so that might be a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but it WAS the premiere of Tangled: Before Ever After, which is a TV movie introduction to Tangled: The Series. While I am ridiculously happy about the fact that we got a movie, I’m more than a little bummed that the following episodes will only be about half the length. Disney, you big tease! Still, if you’re a fan of the movie, you won’t be disappointed. Disney brings back Mandy Moore AND Zachary Levi to voice Rapunzel and Eugene once again, we get new songs, and not only do we learn more about characters we’re already familiar with, but we also get to meet a few new ones. Squee!



Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

This story begins six months after the events in Tangled. Rapunzel and Eugene are now living in the castle and doing their best to adjust to their new lives. The kingdom of Corona is gearing up for Rapunzel’s coronation day, and Rapunzel is feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the activities and obligations that come along with being a princess. Life inside the kingdom is causing some serious anxiety for her and leaving her feeling a little like she’s back inside her tower.

While her father means well in his protection of her, his fears of losing her again get the better of him, and she finds herself being suffocated. Her lady-in-waiting, Cassandra (voiced by Eden Espinosa), offers to sneak her outside the castle walls and takes her to the location where the magical flower was found that gave her hair its restorative powers. A monument has been placed there, and it is now surrounded by what appear to be giant, unbreakable thorns. In true Disney princess fashion, Rapunzel MUST touch the pointy things, and as you can imagine, there are consequences. Thorns begin to spring up all over, and as Cassandra and Rapunzel run back to the castle wall, Rapunzel finds herself being slowed by 70 feet of blonde hair. (Yay! Blondie’s back!)

She and Cassandra make it safely back to the castle, but the question remains, how do they hide all that hair during the coronation later that day?! Taking a cue from one of the uppity coronation guests, Rapunzel tucks her hair under the most gigantic white wig ever. As she’s not used to the gown, shoes, or wig, her trip down the aisle is a comical one, but surprisingly her hair and wardrobe are the least of her problems that day.

With help from someone disguised as a guest, several prisoners being held in the castle are released and crash the ceremony, putting the king and several other guests behind bars. Rapunzel, determined to help, breaks out her secret weapon. She, Cassandra, and Eugene take back the room and subdue the bad guys. TEAMWORK! While that conflict gets resolved, Rapunzel still faces the challenge of finding herself while being contained within the kingdom walls.


You can check it out on Disney Channel, or stream it via the Disney Channel app. The first episode of the Tangled: The Series will air on March 24th. Feel free to comment or tweet and let me know what you thought of Tangled: Before Ever After, or ask my personal thoughts on the movie.TangledFamPhoto.jpg


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