The New Look of ECCC

20170307_175853Another wonderful Emerald City Comic-Con has wrapped! This year was my forth year of going to this wonderful little show and I have to say it gets better every year! This year showed the expansion of the show with moving photo ops and autographs over to the Sheraton.

This is where they also had The Carrie Fisher wall where any fan show their love for their favorite princess!Giving more room for Artist Alley to have a floor of its own, which allowed more Creators (Artist / Writers) into show.This year at ECCC, was this was the 1st year I attended any panels here at this show. I am a person with disabilities so I need to first off thank the staff off ECCC how they handled the ADA lines! The panels at this shows seem less chaotic trying to see then the ones at SDCC. Meaning you have a choice to  leave a panel and come back later to see another. A couple of the bigger panels on the main stage that I was able to take part of during the weekend were the Image Comics 25th anniversary Founders panel and Stan Lee/Todd McFarland panel.20170304_175342The Showroom floor is one of my favorite places of any Con. This is where you get to go on a treasure hunt and find some hidden gems. I set out to find one specific item(s) I heard about by a good friend of mine @SDCCGuide. My hunt ended when I found booth #1237 and was able to purchase all the Comic-Con Merit Badges by Claire Hummel @shoomlah. For anyone that has been to SDCC definitely will want to get their hands on these.
20170307_095218Hopefully these will be available online soon but she sells them at shows and follow her online for future information.

ECCC is a great way to start off my year of Con season. This little show I see giving the Big 2 (SDCC/NYCC) a good run for their money! Next years dates have been announced for March 1-4 2018. A great show to take the family to if your not able to get badges to SDCC I highly recommend this show!

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