LOGAN Review


***minor spoilers ahead***

Let me start by saying that Logan is not a movie that you should take your young Xmen fan child to see. Following in Deadpools footsteps, this movie is rated R and deservedly so. From the foul language to the many lost limbs, Logan could have easily been titled Wolverine Unleashed. There’s also the matter of the young girl that stars in the movie has very violent tendencies, so please leave the kids at home or take them to see Beauty and the Beast. That being said, for those of us that are of age Logan delivers without a doubt the best Wolverine movie to date.

Logan takes place in the not too distant future year of 2029. The world has definitely changed and most of the mutant population is long gone due to a man-made virus by a certain company. We find an aging(!) and scarred(!) Logan (Hugh Jackman) that is trying to live a somewhat normal life as a limousine driver while caring for a seemingly mentally unstable and ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart). The adamantium that runs through Logans body has poisoned him and compromised his healing abilities. Assisting Logan with caring for Professor X is the mutant Caliban who also made an appearance in Xmen Apocalypse. Caliban has the mutant ability to sense and track other mutants which definitely comes into play later in the film. Without getting into spoilers, circumstances happen that leave Logan and Professor X caring for a young girl by the name of Laura played brilliantly by Dafne Keen in her film debut. As most of you are aware, Laura is not your typical eleven year old girl as she and Logan have very similar abilities. Of course these abilities make her wanted by certain government agencies and the chase is on. Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) is the cybernetically enhanced bad guy that has been sent to bring Laura in at any cost. The action and violence that ensues is nothing short of epic. The violence while obviously apparent never goes overboard in my opinion. It just serves its purpose at the appropriate times.

At the core of this story is the relationship that Logan and Laura build throughout the film. It definitely reminded me of Joel and Ellie’s relationship from the outstanding PlayStation game The Last of Us. The bond that Logan and Laura eventually build is very apparent by the end of the film. These two characters genuinely care for one another and it shows in the way they fight for each other.

The writing, directing, story and pace all add up to make up one of the best films in the ever expanding Marvel universe. Hugh Jackman who has stated that this will be the last time he plays as Wolverine definitely saved the best for last. As much as Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark, Hugh Jackman is and always will be Wolverine.  Make no mistake about it, this is the Wolverine movie that we all have been waiting for.




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